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Lifestyle Inventory: aligning expectations with reality

Why is that we are so good at counting “things” but not as disciplined when it comes to counting the really important stuff like life’s expectations? Conducting a lifestyle inventory takes a familiar and simple practice and applies it to your current reality vs. expectations. When these two are in alignment, it’s much easier to find a greater sense of health and happiness.

This post is really just a food for thought kinds of thing. I originally created it as a daily post in one of my 28-Day DietBet Weight Loss Challenges. And while it’s not directly related to weight loss, it is directly linked to finding greater health and happiness in general. And the best way to lose weight is to find happiness in a healthy lifestyle.

This one I like to call “Lifestyle Inventory”

It’s a really simple concept that I’m sure we’re all familiar with in a work setting. But by shifting the process to something as personal as your life, the idea of “inventory” brings in a whole new light. And while going the the process is kind of a pain (in work), don’t you always feel better when it’s done? Expect the same for this lifestyle inventory exercise as well, but with an amplified sense of satisfaction and clarity. Let’s start with a little refresher course on Inventory 101.

Have you ever had to take inventory at work? It goes like this:

  1. Expectations: You print out and review your product “expectations.”
  2. Count (reality): You meander around the store and count everything you have.
  3. Compare (expectations vs. reality): You then compare the actual count you did to the expectations you printed.
  4. Fix Discrepancies:  Was something you expected not there? You go look for it again, and often you find it when you know exactly what you’re looking for. If you can’t find it after searching high and low, you adjust your expectations in the system. Right?

I kind of like this process for your lifestyle and think an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or even monthly inventory could do us all some good. We often keep operating with mismatched expectations to our reality and it causes a lot of frustration, self doubt, and dissatisfaction.  Maybe just by addressing it, finding what’s missing or adjusting expectations could bring more happiness into your life?

So when you have a moment in the coming days, give it some thought:

  1. Expectations: What are the things you are expecting to find? A complete list of all the things that if you had would enable you to essentially “have it all.” A better body? Tons of energy? A vacation to look forward to? Lots of love? A satisfying job? A clean house? Plenty of money? This list will go on and be different for everybody.
  2. Count (reality): Evaluate this list against your current situation.
  3. Compare (expectations vs. reality): What matches? Celebrate and acknowledge that. What is missing?
  4. Fix Discrepancies: Reevaluate your opportunities, what can you find or work on “finding” (in this sense, building or fixing works too). What is MIA and you see no path to finding? Are your expectations fair, realistic and even accurate? Adjust them.

The point is that you get crystal clear on your expectations. You then develop a plan to align them with reality, or you let it go. Either way, you’re making progress, eliminating clutter and ideally bringing more peace and happiness into your life. 

Have a go at it and let me know if you find anything interesting in your count.


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