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Living a KIND Lifestyle: Today and Everyday

I think, sometimes, we make the world harder than it needs to be. Yes, bad things do happen. People make mistakes, we get sick and hurt, hearts break and failures occur every-single-day. That is a part of life — and yes, it does suck. But one thing that is particularly unique about us being human is that we have an evolved ability to choose how we respond to these less than ideal mishaps. We can be angry, sad, dejected, rejected and give up. Or we can be KIND, forgiving, thoughtful and always learning to be better at life.

All that said, I’ve partnered with KIND Snacks to reflect on my goals for the New Year. 2016 is not just about being smarter, it’s a a year “Live KIND. every day™” which means doing the KIND thing for my body, my taste buds, and my world.

What “doing the KIND thing for my body” means to me

Seriously, we get one body to live in. ONE! That’s it. Why we don’t all cherish it likes it’s our most valuable asset is sometimes hard for me to understand. I’ve always believe strongly in the power of food and the beauty of fitness. I’m starting to dig in and do more research and writing on quality sleep and stress management. I wake up every morning grateful for my healthy body and my happy life (albeit far from perfect). I fill it with color rich fruits and vegetables as much as I can. I created the Clean and Colorful Concept so others could see how simple it can be to adopt a similar eating pattern and experience the benefits of clean, colorful and plant powered eating.

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What “doing the KIND thing for my taste buds” means to me

I write all the time about how and why dieting (in the conventional sense of the word) fails us. It’s because we simply can’t live in a world where we don’t love the food we’re eating. At the end of the day, food is fuel and the building blocks of our body. But it’s also our life. It’s often the focus of social events, celebrations and traditions. You can’t eliminate that stuff, you can only upgrade it and that is what I do, and I’m trying to help others do as well.

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What “doing the KIND thing for my world” means to me

Why not be KIND? I mean, doesn’t it feel better to smile than to frown? Physically. Try it now. Look in the mirrors, see how it looks. Smiling is just better for your body and your spirit, not to mention the people around you. In almost every moment, you have the power to make somebody’s day or ruin it. Why not be a ray of sunshine instead of a dark cloud? Everybody looks better in the sunlight 😉

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Be Kind with KIND

I’ve been a long time snacker of KIND bars. I first saw them in Starbucks I believe, and have enjoyed them since. As a road warrior in my old corporate life, I could always find them at the airport. They are minimally processed and highly satisfying. One of my go-to “treats” to fill space between meals or to enjoy with coffee in the afternoon. As an on-the-go urban hippy, I frequently see my “co-workers” snacking on them as well.

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KIND snacks are more than just tasty treat bars and when you don’t have time to prep your on-the go snacks, KIND can come to the rescue all day long. From clusters in the morning to a post workout recovery snack with more protein, it’s not a bad idea to stock up and stash them away for when you need one.

For more on the KIND lifestyle, check out their blog to see how their team is Living KIND Every Day in the New Year. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the handle @KINDsnacks and use hashtag #LiveKIND and #KINDawesome to grab their attention!

How do you plan to live KIND in 2016?

Share your goals in the comments! How do you plan to Live KIND. every day™ in 2016? What are you doing for your body, taste buds, and the world?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of KIND.

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