Save Time, Money, and Crush Your Goals: How Meal Prep Can Help
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Save Time, Money, and Crush Your Goals: How Meal Prep Can Help

Save Time, Money, and Crush Your Goals: How Meal Prep Can Help

Take a moment, close your eyes, and envision what a typical weekday morning looks like for you. If you are anything like me it means non-stop action from the moment your feet hit the floor getting out of bed at 4:00am.

Between making time for exercise, staying organized with a busy work and/or school schedule, and taking care of your family, making time to eat right is often pushed to the back burner (cooking pun!).

However, fueling your body properly is actually one of the most important things you can do to keep your mind and body energized to crush all of your daily goals!  Without adequate nutrition, your body becomes run down and that can lead to lethargy and even illness- and then you will not be able to carry out any of your important activities of daily life, period.

Meal prep may be the answer.

So with such a hectic schedule, how do you make the time to shop for, prepare, and clean up after spending hours cooking healthy and delicious meals for yourself and your family?

Well, sometimes we all need a little help.  That is where meal prepping services can be the key to your success in accomplishing not just fitness goals, but in helping your life go more smoothly in the pursuit all of the goals you set for yourself each day.

Save Time, Money, and Crush Your Goals: How Meal Prep Can Help

Having meals prepared for and delivered to you each week is becoming the norm for busy, driven individuals who know that overall health is the key to success in all aspects of life.  So how do you know if utilizing a meal prep service is right for your unique lifestyle?  Here’s what meal prepping can mean for you:

Saving money.

If you consider the overall cost of buying healthy ingredients, workshopping recipes, cooking, storing, and cleaning up after all is said and done, you can end up investing a great deal of cash and sweat equity into your meal preparation.  Having this service provided for you not only gives you back your time, it is more cost effective, too!

Help with portion control.

One of the most important factors of a healthy diet is the concept of portion control.  Certain meal prep services such as The Clean and Colorful Kitchen, which is the provider I use, create specific meal plans that are tailor made by a nutritionist to fit the needs of each individual client.  This science based approach to nutrition takes the guesswork out of measuring your portion sizes- all meals come pre-portioned in reusable tupperware containers, making meals that are both convenient and nutritious!

Saving time.

Leading a busy and productive lifestyle often leaves little time for cooking healthy meals.  Having nutritious meals ready for you each day saves you hours each week- and your time is valuable!  Having one less task to worry about will leave you with more free time to devote to other valuable things, such as work, family, and exercise!

If time is a precious commodity to you, a meal prep service could be a powerful tool that helps you to accomplish goals in all aspects of your life on a daily basis!  Here in San Diego, I highly recommend using The Clean and Colorful Kitchen – they use only local, fresh ingredients to craft delicious and healthy meals according to your needs and preferences. You can get started today- use promo code cck15new to receive $15 off your first order!

Make health a priority
– invest in yourself, your health is your greatest wealth!

Vera Ross, BA, CPT
Vera created her personal training business in order to help others create happier, healthier lives through fitness and nutrition.  A former collegiate runner, Vera is on a mission to share her passion for fitness with those who are looking to make lasting and meaningful lifestyle changes.  With her holistic approach to training, Vera leads her clients through personalized workout sessions, and also offers clients guidance on their daily routines, meals, clean eating, and all the elements of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  Vera's goal is to ensure that each client walks away with a solid foundation and results that they know how to maintain on their own.

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