meatless monday recipe

Meatless Monday Recipe: Chinese Chicken-Less Salad

As an avid “flexitarian,” I’ve always got my eye out for a good plant based entree — especially on Meatless Monday. Finding one that is easy to make, yummy and still contains enough protein to support my crazy running demands can be a tiny problem at times. This is why I’ve become a pretty big fan of Gardein’s products. They are plant protein replicas of many of your familiar favorites. And they are YUMMY. This might be one of my most favorite Meatless Monday Recipes!

I tossed this salad together in a matter of minutes and it was divine. Fresh and crunchy and oh-so satisfying with the Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders with 8g of protein per serving. We’ve had this out of control heat wave in San Diego recently and this refreshing salad was exactly what I needed! And the cabbage base is awesome because you can dress the entire salad, and eat only half. It will not get super gross and soggy overnight — excellent for those of us who cook solo often.

meatless monday recipe

Meatless Monday Recipe: Chinese Chicken-Less Salad

*It really just has diced cabbage and a few shredded carrots, a few slivered almonds and won-ton crispies which aren’t necessary since the chicken is crispy and the dressing. This is pretty easy to do yourself if you don’t mind the chopping.

Directions: So easy. Prepare chicken tenders according to package directions and toss it all together and serve.

meatless monday recipe

Meatless is better for you and the planet

  • Reducing your meat intake just one day a week can have a considerable impact on your health. It increases life expectancy while reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.
  • And it’s kinder on the planet as well. Did you know that the meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transportation sector combined? Boo.
  • This does not need to be a lifestyle overhaul. If every American ate just one less meat based meal a week all year it would be the equivalent of taking ½ million cars off the road.
  • Now this is shocking…it takes 1,799 gallons of water to produce just 1 pound of beef. That’s the amount needed for 60 showers! Conversely, it only takes 52.8 gallons to produce 1pound of Gardein. (source: Water Foot Print Research Methodology for beef usage)

A little more about how Gardein is making meatless easier

Gardein (garden + protein) is a plant protein brand offering a variety of delicious, convenient and versatile foods and they are the fastest growing brand within the category. They create delicious, main dish foods people love that deliver the taste, texture and nutrition of meat—with no cholesterol and less fat and calories. Gardein’s award winning products are made from non-GMO soy and wheat, ancient grains and veggies. Gluten-free options are also available in Gardein’s broad product portfolio. All Gardein products are found chillin’ in the freezer aisle at your favorite grocery store. To find these products near you go to where you can enter your zip code and the product you’re looking for.

Can you handle one less meat based meal a night? I’ve committed to MeatlessMondayNight (well all day) for this entire football season! I know Gardein will make that much easier. Join me! 

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