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Meet the EDBS Blog Manager & 30-Day Challenge Co-Coach

Hey there – Caitlin here! After working with Eat. Drink & be Skinny for a little while, we wanted to officially introduce myself to you!

For the past year I’ve been helping out managing the content calendar and more for this blog and also the 30-Day Challenge Series group. As a part of our 2018 goals to bring you better, more timely and actionable content, I’ll be stepping up and doing even more.  I’m as passionate about helping you live a healthy and happy lifestyle as Teresa and I’m super excited to be contributing even more. As I get to know all of you better, I thought you might to know a little bit more about how I got involved with Eat. Drink & be Skinny and my background in health, fitness and wellness.

Meeting Teresa

meet caitlin

I first met Teresa after moving to San Diego in 2015. I was talking to a nice gentleman when I mentioned that I owned a fitness blog. Without a second thought he told me that I had to meet his blogger friend Teresa.

Before I knew it, I was meeting with Teresa regularly to talk about the exciting world of blogging, hang out with her cats, and mooch tasty snacks from her oh so Clean & Colorful Kitchen.

Often times while working together, Teresa would mention that she was going to hire me some day to work for her.

In early 2017, after she decided to open the real life Clean & Colorful Kitchen was just getting started, Teresa asked to hire me “for real”. Lol

This was so exciting for me! I had always admired Teresa’s hard work and dedication to the Eat. Drink & be Skinny community. I was constantly inspired by her new ideas and passion to empower you to make smarter lifestyle decisions and live a healthy and happy life.

Becoming Blog Manager

meet caitlin

Working for Teresa was a no brainer! Shortly before the offer, I made the tough decision to let my blog and resistance band line go. Now I had an outlet for my writing and fitness passion. As the Clean & Colorful Kitchen became busier, I took on more and more tasks until I officially became the Eat. Drink & be Skinny Blog Manager last year.

I now help Teresa keep the blog chugging along full steam ahead and am excited to announce I’ll be co-coaching the 30-Day Challenge Series free monthly challenges!

My background in fitness and wellness

meet caitlin
Just in case you’re wondering, here’s a little info about me:

  • I’ve been a dancer my entire life – well kind of – since the age of three, and continue to dance today.
  • I currently live in Minnesota and am on the practice squad for a professional dance team.
  • I have experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.
  • I managed my blog, fitGevity, and had my own line of resistance bands for three years.
  • I love everything fitness and health related!
  • I’m really good at eating, drinking (mostly coffee) and sometimes being skinny lol.

As I become more involved in creating and sharing ideas here to help you live your best life, I also look forward to mootching more Clean & Colorful snacks, growing with this community, and encouraging more and more people to live a Clean & Colorful lifestyle!

Caitlin Higgins, EDBS Blog Manager

EDBS blog manager, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, traveler, writer, doggy momma, dancer, and lover of life.

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