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Product Review: Natural Pain Relief & Traditional Herbal Remedies

Life can be painful, physically. Whether you did it to yourself on purpose (like you’re pushing your athletic limits and building a stronger body), or by accident (like you slipped and fell — oops). I’m sure all of us have found ourselves managing some pain at some point in our life. Lucky for us, we live in a day where the resources for pain management are plentiful. But are they healthy? Do they really help? Not just in the short term, but the long term too? What are some natural pain relief solutions?

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As an avid marathon runner for the past 15 years, who’s fairly clumsy, I’ve had my fair share of slips, falls, aches and pains. It’s all a part of the process. It’s a part of life. Now, I’m no expert in traditional or modern pain management, but I am game to try anything if it has it’s root in natural healing.

Natural Pain Relief: Traditional Chinese Herbs?

I always like to start with something that has been around for lets say, thousands of years. Ha! Traditional Chinese herbs are an ancient way of healing. If it’s worked for oh-so-long, why not give it a shot? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Turmeric (Jiang Huang): This bitter pungent herb mainly affects the liver and spleen. It also encourages the body’s circulatory system to increase blood circulation, which helps relieve inflammation and pain.
  • Gardenia (Zhi Zi): This herb mainly affects the heart and liver. Zhi zi is known for its cooling properties, these properties can help remove heat from the blood and decrease inflammation, which in turn promotes blood flow.
  • Cinnamon Twig (Gui Zhi): The pungent sweet herb mainly affects the heart, lung and bladder. Most commonly used in Eastern traditions to induce sweats, which help the body to eliminate toxins. This herb raises the temperature of your blood, which also helps revitalize your pulse.
  • Safflower (Hong Hua): This herb mainly affects the heart and liver. This herb also has warming properties that reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. Most commonly used to help women regulate menstruation.
  • Myrrh (Mo Yao): This herb mainly affects the heart, liver, and spleen. Mo yow one of the most powerful herbs in Eastern tradition for relieving pain and discomfort from injuries. It increases blood flow to soothe pain, decrease inflammation and helps encourage the growth of new tissue.
  • Frankincense (Ru Xiang): This herb works mainly with the liver and spleen. Ru Xing uses heat to increase the body’s ability to fight off infection and remove harmful toxins. Also helps increase the rate of tissue growth to heal certain types of wounds.
  • Sparganium (San Leng): This herb mainly affects the liver and spleen. San Leng has very strong affect on circulation and blood flow, which in turn helps mitigate blood and Qi stasis. Commonly associated with abdominal issues such as abdominal masses, also helps dissolve food stagnations and accumulations.
  • Dragon Blood (Xue Jie): This herb mainly affects the heart and abdomen. Dragons Blood is a strong natural pain reliever that works mainly through the alleviation of blood stasis. It helps to stop bleeding from wounds and promote tissue regeneration and is helpful in reducing swelling in traumatic injuries.
  • Curcuma Rhizoma (E-Zhu): This herb mainly affects the stomach, spleen, and the liver. Curcuma Rhizoma is a strong natural pain reliever that works mainly through the alleviation of blood stasis.

Source: http://herb-x.com/about-x-jow/

A Natural Pain Relief Remedy: X-Jow Pain Gel

Dr Nalbandyan put this little solution together using all of the above herbal ingredients to help us manage sore muscles, arthritic joints, and other ares of pain or trauma naturally. It comes in a little tube, similar to what you’re used to buying at the drug store. You apply it to the sore areas to promote blood circulation to reduce inflammation and pain and to also speed up the healing process. I gave it a shot, it feels pretty awesome 😉

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Learn more about or buy X-Jow Pain Gel

You can learn more or get your paws on a tube of X-Jow, the natural pain relief gel, by visiting www.herb-x.com. It’s a little pricier than your traditional pain reliving gel, but you can save 15% if you use this special discount “BESKINNY15″ at checkout! For more information on natural pain relief and healing remedies, be sure to follow them out on Facebook, TwitterYouTube and check out the blog!

*This post was sponsored by Dr. Nalbandayn at Herb-x.com, but all opinions are of my own.  

Teresa Marie Howes, BS, CPT, HHP
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