healthy labor day entertaining tips
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News Flash: Healthy Labor Day Entertaining Tips

I do love it when I get a text from the local morning news station and it says “We need something fun tomorrow. Can you be that fun?” With an invitation like that, how can one say no? And the good news for me is that it only takes me a few minutes to pull together a segment so I replied…”Sure!” And then to my awesome surprise…check out who I got to meet in person! I got to hear his Olympic story in person and it was So AWESOME!

healthy labor day entertaining

Healthy Labor Day Entertaining Tips

With Labor Day weekend looming ahead, it’s essentially time to celebrate the end of Summer 2016. But not without one last, fun-filled, holiday celebration! The goal of this spot was to show folks at home how holiday entertaining does not need to be a reason to eat poorly. Afternoon BBQs are the simplest celebrations to make “healthy” by adding flavor, color, variety and nutrition with fresh produce! The Clean & Colorful Solution is the easiest way to enjoy life, say YES to yummy food and feel great.

healthy labor day entertaining tips

Click here to watch the Live Morning News Spot

In this spot you’ll see how easy it is to make:

Healthy-ier Cocktails

Day drinking events can be trouble. You can easily lighten up your libations with soda water and super-powered fruit juices like the ones featured in this spot. Adding frozen berries in addition to ice is not just pretty, it’s a great way to keep the drink cooler so it does not need to be consumed so quickly. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to stuff more color in your guests!


A Sweet Side Dish

This Sweet Potato salad is awesome! It’s delicious, budget friendly and 100X yummier (and of course better for you) than your traditional mayonnaise based, white potato salad. With just 3 clean & inexpensive ingredients, you’re family and friends will be singing your praises! You can use the “unprocessed honey mustard salad dressing” I made earlier this week. This dish is easy to make the night before to save you sanity the day of entertaining.


A Colorful Main Dish

Veggie kabobs are such an awesome way to entice your guests to get more color in their life! You can skewer your kabobs with protein like tofu, chicken or beef, or you can leave them as a super plant food side dish. I’ve been using pineapple this Summer and I love the color and flavor it’s adding when it’s grilled. Plus, it can help you digest the meat 😉 Just spay them with a little healthy oil and dust with salt and pepper and you’re set!


With Clean & Colorful Living…

Gone are the days of “on” and “off” dieting and feeling deprived, isolated or as if you’re missing all the fun in life! When the emphasis goes on the things you CAN do (like eat whole food, all 5 colors, drink delicious juices and smoothies and exercise at least 21-minutes a day) then you’re included in life and enjoying the beauty of delicious, high quality food. Your body falls back in balance and before you know it, you’re looking better, feeling better, living with more energy, fighting disease and probably even losing weight. It’s so awesome.

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