Go Meatless This May with a Vegetarian Diet
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Go No Meat This May with a Vegetarian Diet

Have you ever tried a vegetarian diet before? Maybe you have and now you’re 100% vegetarian, you tried and it didn’t work or maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t.

No matter where you fall in that spectrum I’ve got a fun challenge for you and it’s called No Meat May…

Go Meatless This May with a Vegetarian Diet

What is this “No Meat May”??

Good question! The No Meat May Challenge was started five years ago by Ryan Alexander to bring awareness to Americans about the over consumption of meat, it’s impact on our furry friends and the environment, and our health.

Now there’s no need to be afraid! We’re not asking that you give up meat for the rest of your life, but for just 31 days.  Giving up meat for 31 days not only will have a significant impact on the environment but on your health too. And who knows…you may find a new style of eating that you enjoy!

Meatless May - Vegetarian - Photocredit Guy James Whitworth

On average, Americans consume way too much meat, and under consume veggies and fruits which leaves lots of nutrition on the table. Here’s just a few facts for you about the average American diet:

  • Most Americans get about twice the protein they need.
  • Most Americans get less than half the fiber they need.
  • Vegetarian men live an average of 9.5 years longer than meat-eating counterparts while vegetarian women live on average 6.1 years longer.
  • Meat eaters have the highest body weight for their age while vegans are on average 30 pounds lighter.
  • Vegetarians are less likely to develop food allergies.

The Clean & Colorful Kitchen can help

vegetarian food CCK

The Clean & Colorful Kitchen would love to help you go no meat in May! Since the Clean & Colorful Kitchen is veggie focused with 2/3 of our dishes being vegetarian, we fully support the No Meat May initiative.

As you probably already know, the mission of the Clean & Colorful Kitchen is increase the amount of color you eat in your diet daily. We do this by incorporating a variety of fruits and veggies into your diet in new and creative ways. Our meals are always delicious and packed full of nutrition!

How about a Clean & Colorful Kitchen vegetarian recipe to get you started??

Just to show you how delicious and easy a vegetarian lifestyle can be for 31 days, I want to share with you this Clean & Colorful vegetarian pizza recipe!

This meal is packed full of nutrition and won’t leave you feeling hungry.

vegetarian pizza recipe

How you can get involved with the No Meat May Challenge!

Ready to join the No Meat May Challenge? It’s super easy!

You can visit the No Meat May website to get registered to join. Registering for the challenge is free, yay! Throughout the campaign, participants will be provided with free vegetarian and vegan recipes, nutritional information, links to educational documentaries, and professional advice from experts.

Vegetarian recipes for the tastiest No Meat May yet.

If you live in the San Diego area make sure to try out the Clean & Colorful Kitchen meal prep service to make your No Meat May even easier! Use code ccknmm to get 10% off your total order for the month of May. There’s a five meal minimum purchase required to use the discount. Visit the Clean & Colorful Kitchen to get registered. Your No Meat May just got a whole lot tastier!

Make sure to use the hashtags #saveourplanet #feedtheworld #endfactoryfarming and #improveyourhealth to share your Meatless May journey and to help inspire others to go Meatless in May!

Make the No Meat May Challenge even easier…

Going vegetarian for a month is lots easier than you thought! Give these 28 day vegetarian meal plans a try. You can pick from a 1250 or 1500 calorie level, and have breakfast, lunch and dinner figured out for the next 28 days. I think that you’ll not only feel better, but you might lose a few pounds too! Make sure to get 1250 or 1500 meal plan here!

Photo credits: Guy James Whitworth

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