free 30-day weight loss challenge
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Free 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

**This post is sponsored by Slimvance. All opinions are my own.**

Calling all 30-Day Challengers! The start of January means a new year and a better you. I’m so excited to be kicking off 2018 with a weight loss challenge! The Free 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge will start on January 1st and you’ll get a meal plan, exercise plan and daily accountability and motivation! It’s going to be the perfect springboard to kick of 2018 strong, happy, and in control!

What makes this challenge extra special? It’s sponsored by Slimvance, a stimulant free herbal supplement made from a natural GMO free botanical blend that has been to shown to help boost weight loss up to 6x in their clinical trial. After 1/1 you can get a free 14-day trial* with subscription and five lucky winners will get a 30 day supply for free ($60 value)! (Giveaway details below)

*A randomized clinical study of 140 healthy overweight people compared the use of Slimvance® in conjunction with an 1800 calorie diet and walking plan to a placebo with the same diet and walking plan. Those on Slimvance® lost almost 10 more pounds (-11.81 pounds versus -1.91 pounds), lost over an inch more around the hips (-1.76 inches vs. -0.48 inches), lost over an inch more around the waist (-2.12 inches versus -0.68 inches) and lost more percent body fat (-1.05% versus 0.71%) than the placebo group after 16 weeks.

Why I’m excited for the weight loss challenge

I’m happy to report that 2017 was one of the best years of my life for many reasons. I built a new company with a great team and an awesome new relationship. But that all takes time and attention and I traded a lot of myself to build all that last year. I didn’t invest in fitness or self-care the way this 41-year old body needs to be cared for and now I’m living in a body that I know can be stronger. I want my active lifestyle back.

I’m very excited to have the support and motivation that not only January bring, but also all of you in this challenge. It’s one thing to coach a weight loss challenge, it’s way more fun you’re coach is in there sweating it out with you. I’m ready to commit to 30 days of clean eating, regular (hard) exercise and of course…a little help from Slimvance.

What to expect from the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

This challenge is awesome! I will be giving you all of the tools you need to make your weight loss goals a reality – and it’s FREE! This challenge combines healthy eating, strength training, cardio, and Slimvance for the ultimate weight loss program.

Challengers will get:

  • A 7-day holistic meal plan, this is about eating real food 1250, 1500 and 1750 calorie levels available. You pick the one right for you based on your body and level of activity.
  • Detailed weekly workout plan, combination of strength training and cardio.
  • Daily accountability and reminders in our private Facebook Group.
  • Optional: A 14-day trial of Slimvance with subscription.

Here’s what to expect from the workout:

  • Monday: 100 squats; 30-minutes cardio (Challenger’s Choice)
  • Tuesday: 100 push-ups; 30-minutes cardio (Challenger’s Choice)
  • Wednesday: 100 lunges; 30-minutes cardio (Challenger’s Choice)
  • Thursday: 100 dips; 30-minutes cardio (Challenger’s Choice)
  • Friday: Rest Day!
  • Saturday: Sprints
  • Sunday: Stretch of the day; 30-minutes cardio (Challenger’s Choice)

free 30-day weight loss challenge

Getting started on the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge:

  1. Like Teresa Marie Wellness on Facebook
  2. Join the private coaching group for daily reminders and accountability
  3. Get access to all the trackers and meal plan by joining the community here
  4. Invite a friend (or 10), accountability is key! Plus, you can feel good about inspiring someone else to get fit!
  5. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts Monday, January 1st!

Note: If you have already signed up for my newsletter, then at the end of every month, you automatically receive a newsletter with all the links to the trackers. If it’s MIA, check your spam, especially if you have Gmail.

The Fine Print 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge:

  • This challenge is sponsored by Slimvance, an optional supplement which may enhance your results. It’s not a mandatory requirement for participation.
  • For the meal plan, you pick the calorie level right for you based on your body, goals and exercise level. Use this calculator if you don’t know where to start: https://www.fitwatch.com/calculator/weight-loss-target-date
  • For the body weight exercises, you don’t have to do 100 reps of each exercise in a row, you just need to do the in 24 hours.
  • Always use proper form and alignment to maximize results and prevent injury. I’ll pop in throughout the challenge with tips and tricks for each exercise.
  • For the cardio, choose what you like best. Spin? Run? Walk? It’s up to you and we’ll talk about options throughout the challenge.
  • Weight loss isn’t easy and it’s not fast (at least if you want it to stick). Be sure to set realistic goals and be patient with yourself. Always focus on the work you’re doing versus the results you are seeing. One you can control, the other can be a wild card. Putting too much emphasis on the scale can sabotage your motivation.
  • Be sure to set your weight Loss goal and record your progress on the tracker. Results are important so make sure to take measurements at the beginning and end of the month.
  • Always speak with your doctor before you start any new exercise regimen.

Enter to win a 30-Day Supply of Slimvance!!

I’ve got five, 30-Day supplies ($60 value) to give away! It’s easy, use the widget below and earn some points! I’ll draw 5 US-based winners at random on January 8th!

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Are you ready to kick off the year in a strong, positive and productive place? I can’t wait, see you over in the private FB group!