Maybe, just maybe I'll take a bikini in pic in Cabo...maybe not. But it's good to have goals!
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Operation Revive the Dead Plant: My Get Back On Track Plan

It was kind of a slow decline that hit me in the face like a ton of bricks one day (aka: today).  Recently, I’ve been feeling like that wilted plant over in the corner. You know it’s getting worse and you just keep meaning to water it, but you’re just so busy. And every day, it looks a little more and more limp. If you don’t get to it soon, it will be too late.

So here I am: Operation Revive the Dead Plant. And I’m the plant. Hopefully can take some action and get back into my good habits before things get totally out of control.

Here’s what happened (a.k.a How I got here)

Late 2016, three pretty major things changed:

  1. I turned 40 in July. This alone, I know is no excuse.
  2. I opened the Clean & Colorful Kitchen. It’s way more physically and mentally exhausting than I was expecting. Oh. And also time consuming. It’s just about all I do now.
  3. I met my now favorite boyfriend and we don’t prioritize fitness and we love couch nights with pizza, wine, popcorn and ice cream. Sometimes, all 4 — eeek.

The one, two, three punch to taking my eye off my fitness prize…

Independent of one-another, chances are, I wouldn’t be writing this post right now. But over the past year, a lot of morning workouts were traded for sleeping in to help recover from a long day (or night) in the kitchen.

Many evening yoga classes were traded for nights on the couch with a glass of wine and my honey bunny.

Couple that with the fact that I still have the mentality that I can eat whatever I want. This is kind of a recipe for disaster. Don’t get me wrong, my diet is mostly vegetables, but those cozy nights loaded with pizza, ice cream, popcorn, and you guessed it … wine, are really catching up with me!

The last few months we were also living in North Park, which completely threw me off my regular fitness routine. I kept telling myself, “In May, when we get back downtown, I’ll get back on track.” And now May is here, we are moved, and I’m so excited!

I don’t think my story is all that unique or important …

But it does help me to share my plans for two reasons:

  1. It definitely helps me organize my thoughts, solidifies my plans and holds me accountable.
  2. Potentially, it could inspire someone in a similar situation to make a new commitment to better health.

Operation Revive the Dead Plant Plant:

It’s a good combination of stuff I really like to do. I just need to make my personal health a priority again! Here’s what’ it’s looking like for the next few weeks….

The Goal (lol):

The Jumpstart Diet For the Next 10 Days:

  1. YES! Smoothies: I love a combo of Pure Protein’s Vegan Super Food powder with fresh greens, a little fruit and other superfoods like chia, flax, cinnamon, and oats. In the morning and at night. I make them 10 at a time and store the goods in ziplock bags in the freezer So I can just blend and go!
  2. YES! Clean & Colorful Meals: At least all that work pays off! Generally, I have about 5-10 extra meals that are all portion controlled, clean and veggie heavy. This bigger meal goes down mid-day and another smoothie at night.
  3. YES! No food after 7pm so I can be in bed by 9 or 10 and my body can spend my time asleep doing more productive things than digesting food.
  4. YES! Anything that is unprocessed and plant-based, real food. Handfuls of carrots, fruit, nuts, all good grab-n-go snacks.
  5. YES! Lots and lots of water. I’ll fill up my trusty gallon jug in the am and see how far I get. I use this water in my smoothies and hot tea at night as well. The goal is to get it all down.
  6. NO! Pizza, Ice Cream, Butter Popcorn, Wine. <– That’s so scary, but it’s only 10 days and will be a good jumpstart.
  7. NO! Happy Hour: I’m trading all my wine time for walk and talk.

Eating Clean & Colorful ain’t so bad!!

The Diet After Jumpstart, Same. Except:

  1. Pizza, Ice Cream, Butter Popcorn, Wine Couch Nights are limited to 1x per week with only 2 of my 4 guilty pleasures.
  2. One smoothie and 2 meals per day. Smoothies in the morning are just the best way to start your day strong.
  3. Happy Hour is totally ok, once per week.

The Exercise:

  • Monday: Rest or Yoga + Core
  • Tuesday: Stairs + Strength + Core
  • Wednesday: Cardio and/or Yoga + Core
  • Thursday: Sprints + Strength + Core
  • Friday: Cardio and/or Yoga + Core
  • Saturday: 21 min Run + Strength + Core
  • Sunday Rest + Core

Here we are on day one! Look for many of these to follow!

The Accountability:

I actually do a pretty good job staying accountable to myself once I’ve set my mind to it. Especially if I post it on my blog. But here are my other plans:

  • Accountability Buddies: Tuesday’s is a great group. I am actively recruiting for my other days as well. If you’re local here in SD/downtown, hit me up!
  • The Calendar: I’m all about putting stuff in writing with a plan and checking it off as I go. It’s why I was so successful at running. So I’ve created this handy-dandy tool to put on the fridge so I can record how the days go.
  • The boyfriend: Time will tell, but preliminary conversations make it sound like he’s down for some morning fitness and he’s a good sport. He’ll eat anything.
  • The 30 Day Challenge Series Group: this online community is so inspiring. I used to host it regularly with daily accountability posts, but I’m just not as focused as I used to be. I want to post daily.
  • I do an annual birthday fitness challenge. This year will be 42/42 and technically it should start 6/9. It will be a more structured version of what you see here and we’ll have daily check-ins and a private group. This post is my warm up plan — lol!

The Reward:

Oh so simple. Just fitting into my clothes again and not being afraid my jeans are going to tear open. Plus, I have a trip to Cabo with some fun friends in June. And I want to wear shorts again. I miss my lean legs.

Maybe, just maybe I’ll take a bikini in pic in Cabo…maybe not. But it’s good to have goals!

Can you relate? Are you in? The sooner you water that plant, the sooner it will recover. It’s not going to do it without you, so you may as well join me now and take some action!

Teresa Marie Howes, BS, CPT, HHP
Teresa Marie is a nutrition expert, fitness enthusiast and health coach. She is backed with a BS in Nutrition, an MBA, a CPT from ACE and 16+ years of experience in the weight loss and wellness space. She is the founder and lead contributor of this site and coaches clients across the globe on how to achieve better health and more happiness by implementing the 4 Universal Diet Truths of her Clean & Colorful Concept.

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