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Antigua: The Original SkinnyTini – A True Story

I wrote this post for a fellow healthy blogger, Kim at LivLifeToo. She happens to also live in San Diego and she actually found me through Twitter and one of my 30-Day Challenges. What luck we found each other because we share many common interests and she takes quite possibly the most beautiful food photos ever! I love sharing her content, and I am so happy to return the favor for her. She is smart, and she has collected a series of guest posts to syndicate while she is on vacation, so she is really going on vacation. For any fellow blogger out there, you know this is something to admire! This article is running on her blog today to kick off her future posts of her Caribbean adventures. Because I’m not sure I really sure I’ve ever told this story in any formal setting — I thought it would be fun to share here too!

Enjoy the story of how the Original SkinnyTini came to fruition — this is way before Skinny Girl was on the shelves 😉

Antigue Beach 2006

Caribbean Killer SkinnyTini

Well while Kim is off in paradise perusing the Caribbean, I’m more than happy to fill some of her airtime with the story of the original SkinnyTini. It’s so fitting, as I made my very first recipe ever on the beach in Antigua in the winter of 2006. Well, not physically on the beach, but you get the picture. It was actually the winter body, on the beach that inspired the skinny cocktail concept! If you flash back 7 years, you may recall a time when there was no such thing.

Where it All Started…

I had head out on a voyage for some fun in the sun to ring in the New Year with a girlfriend on the remote south side of the island. I was coming off a few months of too much fun, but since it was seasonally chilly, I don’t think I really noticed how the alcohol residue had collected on my tummy, hips and thighs. But strip that tan-less, chubby body down into a bikini and put in on the beach and the dilemma was all too clear. But we were on vacation! Not a time to start a diet. So I vowed to find a compromise, we would only drink our sun-kissed cocktails with zero calorie mixers. As I read nutrition labels on the local juices and of course sodas, I realized we could easily cut our calories in half!

The Vacation Dilemma

But it was 2006, and we were on the remote side of the island, where there wasn’t much to offer by way of zero calorie mixers beyond soda water or diet coke – which is not very clever or all that interesting. We had just traveled clear across the country and then some, and I noticed in my toiletry bag a bottle of pink grapefruit Airborne. I checked the nutrition label and what luck! Not only could we color our cocktails with something interesting and boost our health, it had only 5 calories per tablet! Viola, the original SkinnyTini, the Caribbean Killer was born!

This is a true story!

So when I got home, in early 2007 I got a little obsessed with finding fun, creative zero or ultra low calorie mixers and created concoctions that were literally “All the Fun for Half the Calories.” After a year of playing mixologist in my kitchen, my friends and coworkers encouraged me to “write a book.” And so I did. And to my surprise, Wiley bought it and published it! In the spring on 2009, “SkinnyTinis: All the Fun for Half the Calories” was published, and will always stand proudly as the original low calorie cocktail book.

So let’s cheers to Kim and her fantasist and well-deserved vacation!

The Caribbean Killer

  • 2 oz White Rum
  • 1 ½ oz Light Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
  • 1 ½ oz Light Orange Juice
  • ½ tablet Pink Grapefruit Airborne

Directions: Add the rum and juices to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake and pour into a 5-oz martini glass. Drop in the Airborne tablet and serve while it is dissolving into a fun fizz. And don’t be alarmed if it takes a while, that’s just how it goes.

Calories: 147 per 5 oz martini.


What’s your favorite way to cut calories in a cocktail?

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