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Product Review: Protein Cookie

Looking for a portable, high protein, tasty snack?

I was at a conference and this company, BioTrust was there handing out samples of their products. I am pretty skeptical of most protein bars and treats, mostly because they are typically super calorically dense and way more energy than the average person needs.  Often I find bars with more sugar than straight candy and more protein that I would need in a day. And generally speaking, I do tend to stray away from snacks that come in a wrapper and try to stick to real foods like apples and cheese, raw nuts, yogurt, etc. But sometimes, you’re in a bind and you need to grab and go. And sometimes, particularly after a kicker of a workout, you need more protein for your 150 calories than what my standard little snacks deliver.

Welcome to Bio Trust’s Solution: What could be better than a Protein Cookie?

Here is what they claim: Outrageously Delicious & Amazingly Healthy!

  • 12 Grams of Time-Released Protein Per Cookie
  • Proteins are Certified Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • 100% All Natural–No Artificial Sweeteners or Colors
  • Free from Gluten, Soy Protein, Trans Fat, non-GMO
  • 6g of Fiber Per Cookie

Well doesn’t that sound great? Maybe a little too good to be true and you can only image what kind of cardboard it must taste like to get that stellar wrapper approval?

Protein Cookie

Well it certainly looks like a delicious cookie — but how could it taste like one too?

I Bit the Protein Cookie Bullet — Here’s What I Thought

So here I was at this event, 4 days into Vegas conference land and I didn’t happen to have any access to “healthy snacks.” Mid-morning, I was in snack monster of a mood so I grabbed one of these cookies and hot dang, it was delicious! So then I flipped it over to evaluate the nutrition panel and it was oh-so impressive! It fit my 150 calorie requirement for mid-morning snack. It has 12g of protein and 6g of fiber! And then it’s gluten free and GMO? Now it just starts to feel like Christmas. With those nutrition creds, the mere fact that it was palatable would make it worth it, but it really was as good as splurgy cookie!

Protein cookie

150 calories for 12 grams of protein and it is super tasty!!

I am really on a mission here to help people be healthier, happier, more fit and fun.

When I find a product that falls in line with that — I have to write about it! And after I spent a little bit of time with the reps, I discovered the company is a big fan of word of mouth marketing. Because I have this blog, I readers (hopefully). Because I have readers, I can have my own Eat. Drink & be Skinny BioTrust store and earn a small kickback on anything you guys purchase. How awesome is that?

I have been so impressed with this single product in particular, that I did apply to open the store and I was approved. Now all of BioTrusts products are available in it, however I have not tried many of them. I did have the Omega Dessert, and it was surprisingly delicious. I did have their protein bars and they were good too. But they are kind of in the meal replacement category over snacks so they are bit high on the calories. But the same high quality manufacturer and not a bad idea if you really are on the go. But don’t treat them as a snack.

So when you need a grab and go snack — I do think these BioTrust Protein Cookies will fit the bill. Another good point, they aren’t chocolate-y — so you can toss them in a gym bag and when it gets warm, they wont’ turn into a gooey mess!

Protein Cookies

This button will take you right to my store!

Do you have another on the go protein snack I need to know about ? Tell me! I’m always on the hunt!

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