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Progress Update: June Goal Successes! And onto July…

I am a huge advocate of goal setting, as you may know by now. And I’m also a huge advocate of publicly committing to them and that’s exactly what I did in June. I had decided that I had enough of this kind of mulling around in maintenance mode and that it was time to make some real fitness progress. I’m happy to say that I did! Here’s a quick recap of what I set out to do, what I did and what I’m doing next! Are you joining me for any of this?

June Walking Lunge Challenge

Wow, this worked out so well! I had decided to do my walking lunges every other day to allow for some recovery. And I committed to this being just about all of the strength work I was going to do for the month so I opted to alternate push-ups on the off days and get in 1000 pushups too. Why not, right? Both of these exercises are so incredibly efficient! It was a small enough commitment and the results were rewarding enough that I easily followed through on it.

After 30 days, I can feel my legs are stronger! During all my runs, I can tell it’s my lungs that are slowing me down not my legs. It’s always one or the other, but usually my legs — so this is good! I can also see my arms leaning out and I am so thrilled, I just extended it into July and created the July 30-Day Upper and Lower Body Blaster Challenge. It’s awesome. Are you in?

30 Day Challenge

June 4-Week Run Challenge from Gals Who Run

This one I can’t even really find the words to explain. I had created this challenge last year for the 30-Day Challenge series. Sheri and I decided to take it to the next level and create a very committed group and providing robust and daily coaching. We gave out prizes, asked the gals to share their goals and progress. Some knew each other prior to joining, others were strangers. By the end, it was such a love fest I could hardly stand it. I’m not sure there is much that inspires me more than women supporting women and cheering each other on. It was beautiful!  We’ve just announced the next challenge, the End of Summer 4-Week Challenge and first ever Virtual 5K. It starts August 1st and we already have 20 signed up and we’re expecting to see the love fest and wicked results continue.

On the topic of results. I decided to take my own challenge. I followed the plan as prescribed — to a tee! Well, with the exception of running longer most of the time, but I did get in all the interval work. Towards the end of the month, I ended up getting in a 14 long run and smashed it at an 8:24 pace. To give that relevance, I was doing all my Jerusalem Marathon long running in February at 9:40+ — so this is huge! My original test mile was 7:37 and I ended up with a sad day on the final test mile. It was really hot and humid in San Diego and I waited until too late in the day to run. I ended up around 7:17, but ran 3 of them. But the best part was the 4th of July 10K I just ran and I managed 46 minutes and change. The course was a little long so my watch says I held a 7:15, so I’m sticking to that.

Last Summer DietBet

I’ll be back to coach another DietBet in late August or September, but this was my last game for quite sometime so I felt compelled to play. I won! I lost my 4lbs and earned a $55 paycheck with the help of my 3-Day Detox — whoo hooo! It paid for my new running shorts. I have invited my regular players to join me over at Simple Secrets to take the 7 Day Healthy and Happy Lifestyle Challenge, you should join us there too.

Gals Who Ran and Rocked 4th of July 2015!

Gals Who Ran and Rocked 4th of July 2015!

New Workouts and Local San Diego Groups

So this wasn’t 100% for me. I’m still loving November project, and made it to every class. I think I did quite well with the yoga but the rest was not so good. I failed to make any hiking or biking and probably only 2 barre classes. Time to recommit to this one. But I did get in a bonus Yoga Paddle board class with San Diego Yoga Paddle!

November Project

Food Tracking

I killed it with food tracking. I recorded every single thing I ate the entire month using my favorite ap, Fat Secrets. I was really curious how much I ate, how much I burned and more specifically what I was eating. I have recently become much less fat phobic and I pretty much eat whatever and whenever I want. I was wondering if my new daily habits of Bullet Proof Coffee and Avocado Toast were hurting or helping me.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.03.25 PM

June 2015 totals: 41% fat, 18% protein, 39% carbs.

The end result? I eat just as much as I burn…and it’s a lot! I’m only 5’3″ and I weigh about 114 lbs and I eat and burn a solid 2000+ a day. The most interesting finding…the macro breakdown: 41% fat, 18% protein, 39% carbs. Not your typical runner diet to say the least!

Sam & Sophie Slim Down

While we have not been as diligent as we had originally planned, the kitties are officially on diet cat food. We’re still weighing and measuring to see how much they really eat. And they are as cute as ever.

My Fat Cats

My Fat Cats

And onto July:

Are you joining me for any of these? Are you doing anything else? Public goals = success so share! 

Summer is IN and we’re on a roll! 

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  • Mary

    Ohhh the lunge challenge sounds really good! my thighs and butt could use that sort of challenge hahah.We’ve been trying to slim down our cat as well! He’s not THAT fat, but for a while we were overfeeding him… we just got so excited about having a cat again and that he loved us when we fed him heh.

    • Teresa

      It’s seriously hard work to keep indoor cats from getting fat. My vet was not even all that encouraging when I said I was putting the on a weight loss plan – ha ha! And yes, this is a good challenge, you should give it a shot!