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Resisting the urge to snack or indulge

Often I find myself struggling with the balance between “healthy,” “happy,” and then how “skinny” really fits into it all. There is certainly no shortage of delicious treats; cocktails, snacks and desserts that will make you “happy” some even have health benefits (circa red wine and dark chocolate research craze). But anything in excess runs the risk of sabotaging “skinny” (and you know I just mean bikini happy here, not starved or emaciated, right?).

It all boils down to choices…to indulge or NOT to indulge, that is the question…

I shared this post in my most recent DietBet Weight Loss Challenge. I asked all the players to follow this thought process the next time they came across the situation where a choice to indulge or not to indulge was presented.

The reality is, you can’t fight off indulgences forever! There certainly is a time and place for everything and occasional indulgences are necessary in a life full of true health and happiness. It’s just finding the frequency that can make or break you.

All that said, next time you’re staring a splurge in the face, try this thought process:

  1. Why do I want it?
  2. How long will the pleasure of eating it last?
  3. How many “calories” is it?
  4. How will I feel after?
  5. How long might that feeling last?
  6. How long will it take me to burn those calories?
  7. Is it worth it?

Often, the answer may be yes, and that’s ok. I’m not kidding when I say “it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better.” Just be cognizant of why, how much and the repercussions of the decision.

If you’re looking for a few healthy snack ideas, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for you here. And if you’re interested in a little more of my lifestyle insight on a regular basis, be sure to sign up for my three week happy, healthy lifestyle coaching series (pst…it’s free!)

When was the last time you struggled with an “indulgence decision” and how did it work out? Share the good, bad and the ugly! Let’s celebrate the good and learn from the bad and ugly.

Together, we CAN do this!

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1 Comment

  • Lindsey C

    I recently did a whole30 and totally eliminated sugar, grains, legumes & alcohol from my diet, and I gotta say, it totally kicked my gnarly sugar cravings to the curb! I now allow myself the occasional glass of wine or slice of pizza, but it is so much easier to make the decision to “indulge” or not, because all the “treats” don’t hold the same power over me anymore, and honestly aren’t even all that tempting anymore. The constant inner dialog to avoid the bad and only eat the good is sooooo much less now. 🙂

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