Rock Your Bikini Bum
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Rock Your Bikini Bum

Rock Your Bikini Bum
I absolutely love to train my backside. Admittedly, it is my favorite muscle group and I train it multiple times per week.

A few months back I wrote a post about why it is important for runners to train their glutes. (If you didn’t check it out you can here.)

And today I wanted to share with you a workout you can do to strengthen your glutes.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, training your backside is foundational to good health. The glutes are your largest muscle group and play a key role in maintaining proper posture and spinal alignment.

Having a strong backside can also increase your metabolism and prevent injury especially in the lower back.

So, here’s a killer backside workout.

Rock Your Bikini Bum

In this video, I walk you through each one of the exercises to show you proper form from my home beach in Costa Rica. Pura vida!

Hope you enjoy!

If you’re interested in transforming your backside with 30 days of specific glue exercise programming check out my Better Bikini Bum Program here.

Julie Gohring, BS, CPT

Julie is an internationally recognized fitness & nutrition coach, personal trainer, and the co-creator of Saltwater Fit - a fitness & lifestyle brand. She specializes in working with smart & successful professional women who want to create a fit & sustainable lifestyle that they love, even with their demanding careers. When she's not training her clients in person on the beach or coaching them via skype, you can find her in the ocean surfing. Julie is on a mission to help her clients discover their active passion - exercise that they truly enjoy - because it lays the foundation for a fit & healthy lifestyle that you can sustain forever. She'd love for you to drop her a line and say hello at julie@saltwaterfit.com.

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