Run this town with Mizuno
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Run this town with Mizuno

As you probably already know, I love running! After logging thousands of miles running marathons, races, and preparing for these events, I’ve learned that picking the right shoe is just as important as the time spent preparing for the races.

Run this town with Mizuno

So I was rather excited when I was asked to try out Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes to see how they compare to other brands I’ve tried in the past!

What to expect with #wavesky Mizuno running shoes

The new Mizuno SmoothRide offers maximum comfort for an enjoyable and flexible ride. This shoe is built for neutral runners and is versatile for those who like to cross-train. This shoe features a thicker sockliner for improved comfort, and boasts a “disappearing fit”.

The testing process

I have to be honest when I say that the testing process was actually pretty simple…I took my Mizuno’s out for a run and to the gym. Lately, I’ve been getting into hiking and running on trails. This means that I need good support around the ankles, enough grip not to fall down a hill, and nice cushion in the insoles for comfort.

For the gym I was looking for similar qualities as I was for my hike/run. Once again, good ankle support and comfy insoles is a must without being too clunky. In this case, I don’t want too much grip since that’ll make working out a bit more difficult.

Run this town with Mizuno

My thoughts about Mizuno running shoes

My Mizuno running shoes did the job perfectly! For hiking and running I had enough support to feel safe quickly moving around uneven terrain. The tread was grippy enough to minimize slipping but not so grippy that I couldn’t use them at the gym. I was able spend quite a bit of time on my feet without that ache you get from wearing shoes that have, let’s just say, not so great support.

Overall, Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes are great! I like their versatility. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing these guys for awhile since they’re super durable too. And let’s not forget the color. Gotta love turquoise!

Check out the Mizuno selection and give a pair of #wavesky shoes a try!

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