How to Safely Lift Heavy Weights
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How to Safely Lift Heavy Weights

Part 1: Intro to Heavy Weight Lifting

What do you think of when you think about lifting heavy weights? Is it that big and burly sweaty guy who never leaves the bench press at your local gym, powerlifters, or do you get an all around macho vibe when you think about lifting heavy weights?

If any of those come to mind don’t feel bad! There’s this stereotype that lifting heavy weights is meant for macho meatheads, women who want to get bulky, or for those who take steroids. Well, think again. I’m about to turn your whole world upside down!

How to Safely Lift Heavy Weights

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Who Lifts Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights is no longer just for men who want to get “ripped.” It’s now for men and women in their 90’s, women in their 20’s, and men who want to look toned but not like Arnold. Basically heavy weight lifting is for everyone – and no ladies, you won’t get bulky!

How to Safely Lift Heavy Weights

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As a personal trainer at The Perfect Workout (which is a slow motion strength training gym), my job is to help clients lift the max load they can handle for their age and musculature in order to get the best results; which includes gaining strength and weight loss. And guess what? We have clients who are in their 90’s! So this workout really is for everyone.

A few of the benefits that come from lifting heavy weights include: increased metabolism due to increased muscle mass, increased bone density, and can help reverse aches, pains and ailments when done regularly and properly.

Defining Heavy Weight Lifting

Now I can see the wheels spinning in your head…what defines heavy weight lifting? For each slow motion strength training gym this could look different. For some it’s reaching a specific number of reps before reaching muscle success, whereas for The Perfect Workout it’s reaching muscle success between 1-2 minutes (yes, we keep time instead of counting reps!).

Muscle success: The point when your muscles momentarily stop working…which
is the main goal of slow motion strength training.

So, basically this means different weights for different people. We want the weight to be
challenging, but not so much that you can only perform a handful of reps. Finding the perfect weight can sometime take a little trial and error, but once it happens the results are downright magical!

How to Safely Lift Heavy Weights

photo credits to: olivierbxl


So that’s it for part 1 of our heavy weight lifting series! The main points to take away:

  1. Heavy weight lifting is for everyone
  2. The definition of heavy weight lifting will differ for different people

Heavy weight lifting can be done on your own or at a slow motion strength training gym.
However, I do suggest that you consult a slow motion strength training personal trainer before exercising on your own simply to help you learn proper form, the right weight for you, and the nuances that entail heavy weight lifting.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of this series where we talk more about heavy weight lifting – how to lift safely and the benefits of heavy weight lifting!

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