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San Diego Fun: Flagship Dinner Cruise and Giveaway!

I’ve lived in San Diego for nearly twenty years. I’ve run along the Embaraderro thousands of times. I run by the harbor cruise ships all the time. One day, my friend and Carley and I were on a casual bike ride and I said:

You know what’s really fun? Those harbor dinner cruises…

And I said that out of limited experience. I’ve been on them in the past for various reasons but something about it seemed particular fun in the moment. She mentioned she and her finance had never been on one, but that would be fun…

Fast forward several months, Carley marries Alex and I’m searching for the perfect wedding gift. I’m terrible about wedding gifts and always end up buying something a few months AFTER the wedding (TG I get a year, right?).  I asked what the needed/wanted and she said:

You know what? We love experiences…

And that was it! We picked a date and my boyfriend and I now had the most perfect wedding gift of all time. We were taking Carley and Alex on a Flagship Dinner Cruise!

Why a Flagship Dinner Cruise?

It turns out there is more than one option in dinner cruising adventures in San Diego. It’s the same bay, same views — so how do you pick the right company to take you on your journey?

I ended up going with Flagship mostly because they had a hosted bar package you could add for a flat fee. The dinner cruise alone can be pretty pricey, so the cap on booze was very appealing.

Plus, it was cool to find out that Flagship family owned and operated and is the original carrier and has been cruising San Diego since 1915!

Review of the Dinner Cruise Experience

In short, we had an AMAZING time! I feel like Ben and I win wedding gift of the year, and that’s mostly because we got to tag along on their adventure. That said, here are some details of the night.

The Boarding:

The cruise leaves Broadway Pier at 7:30pm and you can start boarding at 7pm. We met around 6 at Carnitas Snack shack for a pre-board glass of wine. They offer a 10% discount since it’s right there and a fun spot to sit and chat along the water.

You pick up your boarding pass just near the boarding dock and they snap your picture real quick as you hop on. I’m not sure how they do it, but the pictures turned out great!

The Dining:

The dinner was GREAT! It’s a three course meal that we all really enjoyed. There were choices from salmon, chicken, beef, vegetarian, and vegan which is pretty standard. But when you read the menu, it all sounds so much more appealing!

We started with those yummy sourdough rolls and a Cesar wedge salad and a round of dirty martinis (pictured above!)

When you book your cruise, you register each guest with a dinner option. When we sat down, our server (who was Ah-MAZ-ing) reviewed the orders we had originally placed: 1 Chicken, 2 Salmon and 1 Beef. We all looked at each other, not remembering what we originally ordered and decided we all wanted the beef. Ha! Mustafa was kind enough to let us change last minute.

I’m not much of a meat eater, but that Braised Beef Short Rib was marinated in red wine,  was well seasoned and slow braised until it was fall-apart-tender. It was topped with a caramelized onion relish and came with a side of roasted garlic whipped potatoes and oven roasted seasonal vegetables.

Dinner was finished off with a serving of cheese and some Bailey’s and coffee (gotta love open bar)!

No, it was not a skinny night. But wedding gifts and one-off celebrations call for dietary exceptions and this was really a wonderful night!

After dinner, there is a DJ and dancing. We did that for a hot minute then proceeded to the roof deck for the views…

The Views:

Well, you can’t beat them. San Diego is my home and I love it.  I mean, come on! Throughout dinner you cruise along the bay and in every direction out the window is something beautiful to look at. The boat also has a beautiful roof deck, which lends the perfect landscape for this iconic picture…

Congratulations Carley & Alex — we LOVE you guys!!!

San Diego Flagship Harbor Cruise Giveaway Details

If you live in San Diego, or are planning a trip here anytime, I highly recommend you look up Flaship SD and book yourself a cruise adventure! In fact, they have offered up a 2 hour harbor tour for two, patriot jet boat thrill ride for two or whale watching for two as a giveaway for one you! To enter all you have to do is:

  1. Follow Flagship SD on Instagram
  2. Follow Eat. Dink & Be Skinny on Instagram
  3. Leave a comment below sharing which cruise you’d like to win and who’d you’d like to bring with you. Feel free to be creating – ha!

I’ll pick on winner at random Thursday November 30th from the comments below and you’ll be notified on Friday the 1st!

Happy Cruising!

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