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Skin Detox Kit and #Giveaway!

I use the term “detox” quite a bit in terms of cleaning up your diet. It’s kind of a controversial word, but I like it. I like the temporary suspension of toxic chemicals into your body and giving it some time to rest and re-calibrate. Whether or not we’re mindful of it, we demand a lot from our poor bodies and I think proactively taking time off to respect and care for it with dense, quality, easy to digest nutrition is one of the kindest things you can do.

Today’s post is about detoxing your body on the outside. I recently had the chance to work with Derma | e, “a deep detox for your skin.” Sounds right up my alley. And the best part? I have a skin detox kit to giveaway to one of you!

Detox on the outside with Derma | e Skin Detox Kit!

I think it’s pretty cool we’re getting wise about what we’re putting in and on our bodies these days. Realizing we only get one of these (and by that I mean body) it’s awesome that we’re looking for the best ways to take care of it and protect it. Derma | e is out there helping us take care on the outside by fusing powerful vitamins and and plants together with modern science. They call it “Green Chemistry” (cute!). The company operates with a kind heart and adheres to high ethical standards in terms of animal welfare and environmental impact.

Photo Jan 07, 9 49 54 AM

Why worry about a skin detox?

Every day our skin is exposed to toxins from smoke, smog , fumes and pet dander. And as much as I love a good sweat, if you have an oily complexion even exercise can clog up your pores. These pollutants can case deeper skin cell damage and skin problems such as premature aging, acne, blemishes, fine lines, and sinking or sagging skin (no thank you!).

Photo Jan 22, 9 42 49 AM

I’ve been using the entire skin detox kit for a few weeks now, including the cleanser, mist, scrub, mask, serum and moisturizer. The line is designed to naturally draw out toxins, replenish vital nutrients and restore my skin’s own resistance to oxidative stress. It feels good to invest the time in caring for my skin on the outside. This little AM/PM routine I’m in these days feels pretty cool (this mask only happens 2x per week though).

dermae skin detox

Want to give it a try?

The whole detox kit is pretty cool, but if I had to pick it’s the Daily Detox Scrub and the 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask that I’m in love with! If you’re not an on-line shopper, you can pick them up at health food/natural product retailers nationwide.

How do you detox on the outside? 

*This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of derma e®.

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