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Skinny 80’s Cocktails

Have an 80’s party coming up? Do you need some 80’s style cocktails? Do you know which drinks were created, made famous or popular in the 80’s? Since I was a mere tween during the decade, I didn’t until I got to googling today…read on for my findings…

I’m on a mission for 80’s Cocktails…

I have a friend who is turning 40 this weekend and let me tell you he has planned quite the fiesta to celebrate! Because it’s the Saturday night up against halloween, and well, he’s a child of the 80’s it’s a good old fashioned 80’s themed party! Because I do the SkinnyTini thing, and I have friends in the industry — we are helping him out with his bar needs. My friend Nick at 619 Vodka has donated a killer local product and my BFF galpal Natalie, has donated a case of her all natural, gluten free cocktail mixer, Bare Mixers. Together, they will mix up an 80’s style Skinny Cosmo using other low calorie ingredients.

But in the process of all this research…

I learned a few interesting things about cocktails in the 80’s and as it turns out, it was a pretty radical time for the industry! According to this article I just read, where I literally had an LOL moment, these were amongst the most popular drinks of the decade: “Rubik’s Cube–colored and laden with unnecessary sexual innuendo. Between the Sheets. The Slippery Nipple. The Screaming Orgasm. Sex On The Beach.” It was also the time of the Long Island Iced Tea (LIT), Kamikazee, Fuzzy Navel, Pina Colada, Amaretto Sour, Alabama Slammer and the B-52.

80's cocktails

There is not a drink in here that has less than 300 calories! Not even the idy-bidy shot!

Are these ringing any familiar bells?

Or flash-backs of horrid hangovers? Not only were the colors of the decade exacerbated versions of their former selves, so were the cocktails. These are some of the highest calorie drinks of all time. I can’t believe the concept of low calorie cocktails didn’t hit the market until almost 30 years after these calorie avalanches ran the popularity ring. I can’t imagine how the 20-30’s somethings made it through this decade with their teeth intact and rears in shape.

Anyhow, onto the Skinny Part!

Skinny 80's Tinis

The good news is, when you use these overly sweet liquors, which are really not all that hip these days, it’s really easy to make a skinnier version, and still protect the original flavor of the cocktail. Here are three of my recipes from “SkinnyTinis: All the Fun for Half the Calories” that show you how to slash calories in half! I also have a Skinny Long Island Iced Tea, but it’s so gross with vodka, tequila, gin and rum in it, I got a headache just typing up the ingredients. So enjoy these three, they are light, fluffy and actually far better than their original counterparts.

The Skinny Fuzzy Navel

Calories: 115 — 56% fewer than the 80’s style favorite.

Skinny Pina Colada

Calories: 124 — 49% fewer than the 80’s style favorite.

Skinny Sex on the Beach

Calories: 118 — 30% fewer than the 80’s style favorite.

And did I mention this is what we are dressing as for the party?

Good think I've been running again, I think I'm ready for the shorts, wedges and socks??

Good thing I’ve been running again, although I’m not 100% sure I’m ready for the short shorts, wedges and socks??

Dare I ask what your halloween plans are?


Updated: 10/27

And here's how it turned out! We had so much fun!

And here’s how it turned out! We had so much fun!


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