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Skinny Coconut Recipes for National Coconut Torte Day

Did you know that March 13th is National Coconut Torte Day? I didn’t until Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try out their product. This is one of the perks in the blog business — PR companies are great at keeping up with oh so critical days like (National Coconut Torte Day is a perfect example) and they reach out to people like me to help create a story and spread the word. I don’t say yes to every product and story pitched, but I have a tough time turning away free booze with my SkinnyTini background! And I also love providing skinny alternatives to traditional not so skinny dishes. So read on for two Skinny Coconut Recipes so you can celebrate, sans the excess sugar and calories!

not so skinny coconut recipes

Not so skinny variations of Coconut Tortes curtesy of Google Images.

How Should You Celebrate National Coconut Torte Day?

Well it wouldn’t be very “Eat. Drink & be Skinny” of me to say you should chow down a coconut tort to celebrate! How do you like this description of the nationally celebrated dessert “Indulge in creamy layers of flavor with the ultimate sugar addict’s dessert, the torte, and enjoy some sweet coconut on top.” Ha! See what I mean? But my blog is not about problems, I provide solutions! Let me give you not one but TWO lower sugar and equally coco-nutty options to celebrate this grand day. 

Skinny Coconut Macaroons

I made this little video as a part of an internet series called My Fresh Kitchen. I didn’t pick the titles, just created the content. If I was able to title this one — I’d call it Low Sugar Skinny Coconut Macroons You Can Make In a Flash With Just 4 Ingredients. The video is less than 2 minutes — so check it out and try these little treats out. They are actually very good! If they end up to soggy, you can add some Coconut Flour to the mix, I tried that as a later variation. And the parchment paper is a little tricky. I think I’d actually skip it or be sure to spray it with oil or you’ll be eating it with your macaroons.

Skinny Coconut Clouds Cocktail

This is an oldy but a goodie! Coconut Clouds is an original SkinnyTini! It’s similar to a Pina Colada, super fruity, supper boozy and not too sugary!

  • 2 oz White Rum
  • 1/2 oz Skim Milk
  • 1/2 oz Sugar Free Coconut Syrup
  • 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
  • 1/2 – 1 cup Ice

Directions: Add all ingredients to a blender and mix on low speed until the ice is ground up. Increase speed for an additional minute to fluff it up. Poor into a glass, garnish with the fruit of your choice and serve!

SkinnyTinis Cocktail: Coconut Recipe

Gotta Love a Skinny Coconut Tini! Only 144 Calories!

So there you have two low sugar, healthier and still very fun coconut recipes to help celebrate National Coconut Torte Day! Thank you Blue Chair Bay Rum for bringing it to my attention!  Do you have a favorite healthy variation of a traditional coconut recipe? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

Blue Chair Bay Rum

Nothing but the best quality for this Skinny Coconut Treat!


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