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Skinny Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo!

Who’s not looking for a Skinny Margarita for Cinco de Mayo? Nobody reading this blog, that’s for sure! I’d also like to introduce you to my new YouTube Channel for Color Yourself Skinny! With the world’s largest margarita festival falling on a Monday, I imagine many of you may choose to celebrate tonight or Saturday. And if that’s the case, you’ll appreciate this perfectly timed, TGIF post! Here you have recipes and “how to” videos so you can make the perfect Skinny Margarita whenever you want!

Skinny Margarita Set Up

Feels like Friday just looking at this Skinny Margarita set up!

What is the Color Yourself Skinny YouTube Channel?

I am a reader, so I like to read. But as I go along this inter-web journey to help more people discover the simplicity of healthy living, I’m realizing a lot of folks like video. Go figure? As luck would have it, I’m totally up for opening up my Skinny Kitchen to the masses and sharing video tutorials!

Over the past year, I have filmed several cooking demonstrations, nutrition lessons, SkinnyTinis tips and now, even my short exercise tutorials for the 30 Day Challenge Series (but those are not technically filmed in the kitchen — lol).  If you’d like to know why else you should subscribe to this healthy, happy, fit and fun new channel of mine, watch this quick 2 min video. It also helps explain a little bit more about me as well, and all the projects I’ve been working on over the past…um…lifetime?

Now, onto the 2014 Skinny Margaritas!

*The margarita videos are in the playlist “Natalie’s Bare Facts from Teresa’s Skinny Kitchen.”

Some general tips to help manage alcohol this weekend:

There you have it — enough skinny margarita recipes to last you long beyond the weekend. And I can’t sign off without reminding you of a few facts here:

  • These are “skinny” but not calorie free. If weight loss is on your mind, skip the booze and enjoy the experience without 🙂
  • These are fully loaded. There is real booze in here and while that is so fun, can be really taxing on your body. I think each drink needs about 4 hours to burn off (this is for us over 35+, if you’re in your 20’s you might be looking at something like 2 hours). What happens if you have 5 drinks? Then you are looking forward to about 20 hours of un-productivity from a hangover. Be mindful of your calories, your health and your time 🙂
  • Sneaking in a water between drinks is a great way to stay hydrated and stave off that sneaky biological urge to drink more booze–saving you calories, cash and well, of course the proverbial hangover.

Now you have certainly had enough from me this Friday afternoon! Share your plans to stay happy, healthy, fit and fun this weekend. I’d LOVE to hear about it!


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  • gracekelle

    Happy Cinco de Mayo to you! I learned that Mexican tequila is made from 100% agave, where as American tequila is mixed with other liquors…learned this while doing research for my CInco de Mayo blog post today.

    I plan on celebrating without the tequila though 🙂 How about guac and a salad instead?

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