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Curacao: Skinny Tips — Get the most out of your Island Vacation

This vacation to Curaçao was originally booked to force some R&R/recovery from the New York Marathon.  Well, plans have changed and now were actually 3 weeks out from our race–making this a very active vacation. So we’re not wasting away days in a semi-sober state, sleeping till 12 and partying with strangers till 3am and beyond (Well, not yet at least — lol). This trip is about rest, recuperation, running, exploring, sunning, shopping, laughing, lounging, and truly appreciating the beauty of this island and this lifestyle. As a team today, poolside, we collaborated to come up with this list of tips to make the most out of vacation — without adding a layer of vacation tax to your tummy:

1. Always get planned exercise in on the first day, first thing in the morning. Otherwise, you have no shot of keeping up with any form of a routine.

2. As with any trip, always keep oatmeal, healthy snack bars, Starbucks Via in your suitcase.

3. Bring your own reusable water bottle and fill it up in the gym (or unless you’re in Curaçao — the tap water is delicious!) drink as much as you can — all day/night long. Will stave off dehydration, keep you fuller and help you flush out unavoidable vacation toxins.

4. Bug spray and anti itch spray. Nasty little fu@&$#%ers. Also downy wrinkle rid, spray water/body spritzer, face wipes from the trial size aisle will also serve you well.

5. Stop at duty free if you’re traveling internationally and grab a fancy vodka. Snag juices and fresh fruit from breakfast bar for mixers 🙂 Airborne and Emergen-C are low calorie and delicious. They mix well with vodka for the original SkinnyTini.

6. Always smile –no sense in getting grouchy when things don’t go your way. You will get more by being nice (and have more fun doing it).

7. Listen to your body. It’s smart (for the most part) and knows what it needs. The point of vacation is to rest/recharge. If you need to sleep a little more – do it. If you’re body is screaming for a piña colada – have it. If you don’t like where you are – move it. You define vacation success 🙂

8. If in a group and traveling internationally, your phone/text messages may not work. We downloaded a free ap that let’s us text via wi-fi. Its just an easy way to communicate quickly.

9. Pack a bikini, sunscreen, undies, flip flops in your carry-on. Bags do get lost, and this will bleep you from missing out on any qt in the sunshine!

10. Plan some active/fun days. You can only sit like an iguana, stoic in the sun for so long. Kayak, rent bikes, snorkel, zip line, hike, tour the city you are in. Use your body as a vehicle to get somewhere. One year we literally kayaked from our hotel to a bar out on the water.

So that’s it…archive this one as you plan your next vacation to help get the most out of your time and financial investment!


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