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Who needs colored eggs when you have these beauties at the table?
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SkinnyTini Easter Eggs — The Perfect Easter Cocktail

SkinnyTini Easter Eggs 018 As you are preparing for your Easter festivities this weekend, please don’t overlook the all importance of offering the perfect brunch cocktails.  I love these little beauties, I call them SkinnyTini Easter Eggs because they deliver the same brilliance, variety and delight to grownups as our forever favorite dyed eggs do to the little ones. It’s really as simple as a minor twist on the traditional mimosa. After you select your champagne, go shopping for a fun, festive collection of vibrantly colored juices. Pictured here I have fresh orange juice, sparkling cranberry and light pink grapefruit all ranging from 60 – 90 calories per serving.

The traditional mimosa is naturally a SkinnyTini with about 88 calories per 5 oz serving, and that’s assuming a 3 to 2 ratio of Champagne to orange juice. Of course this can range depending on the mood of the bartender fairly easily. Champagne has about 20 calories per ounce, and typical orange juice about 14. Lucky for us, there is an abundance of low calorie and calorie free juices on the market shelves today. This means your SkinnyTini Easter Eggs can have as few as 60 calories per 5 oz serving depending on what your grocery has available.

SkinnyTini Easter Eggs

  • 3 oz Favorite Champagne
  • 2 oz Vibrant Colored Juice

Calories: 60-?? depending on the juice you selected. See below for the  most common juices and calories. This is why nutrition labels and innovative products are so critical. Some of these juices rival or exceed the champagne in calorie content!

juice calorie chart

So in addition to inspecting the nutrition labels as you shop for vibrant juices, here are a few of my other favorite holiday party tips to keep you ship shape and feeling ok Monday morning.

1. Never go to a party hungry. Some people think “saving up” calories is a good strategy. It’s not. Being hungry is a liability when you’re dieting. You will either run out of gas and end up irritable and unpleasant to be around or susceptible to over indulgence at the buffet. Leaving you in a mindset of failure, hence producing a mood that is also irritable and unpleasant to be around. Be sure to eat a light/healthy breakfast and/or lunch prior to your event so you can enjoy treats with control, in moderation.

2. Exercise in the morning. I don’t care if it’s just a 30 min walk down the street. Just be sure you move a little more.

3. Let water be your savior. If you’re boozing, alternate 1-2 waters for every cocktail. This will stave off dehydration and the physiological urge to drink more. Easter is always a Sunday, meaning Monday will be waiting one way or another. Best to be prepared 🙂

4. People  matter most. Most importantly, remember these festivities are about the people you are with, the conversations you have and the laughs you share. Not the snacks, desserts and drinks. Put your attention where it matters most and enjoy your loved ones.

Happy Holiday Weekend everyone — Cheers!

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