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Video Post: How to sneak delicious veggies into everyday meals and snacks

Welcome back to the Clean & Colorful Kitchen! This week we’re going to talk about the many ways in which you can sneak delicious veggies into everyday meals and snacks!


My goal in life is to help you live a Clean & Colorful Lifestyle to help you feel better, look better, naturally have more energy, reduce disease and probably even lose some weight. And to make that a reality, I’m coming at you every Friday from my Clean & Colorful kitchen (well, most of the time from the kitchen) with some real life tips, tricks, and strategies to help you master the 4 Universal Diet Truths:

  1. Eat more whole food.
  2. Eat all 5 colors.
  3. Drink a juice/smoothie.
  4. Exercise at least 21+ minutes per day.

Every Friday I’ll touch on one of those topics that will help you feel better and look better. Last week I gave you five reasons why the 28-Day Clean & Colorful Challenge can change your life for the better. This week I want to touch on the first two Universal Diet truths by showing you five ways to sneak veggies into your meals and snacks in a way that tastes delicious!

For this video I want to introduce you to the chef who is taking this amazing and wild adventure with me to feed San Diegans with high quality and colorful foods, Melissa! We’re going to show you some of our behind the scenes tricks for making your food more colorful.

1. Rainbow fish tacos

If you’re familiar with fish tacos then you have probably noticed that they are usually made with some sort of white fish, wrapped in a flour tortilla, and topped with sour cream and a whitish cabbage slaw if you’re lucky.

With Clean & Colorful fish tacos you actually get all five colors in one meal! We take a white fish (not breaded and deep fried), wrap it in a corn tortilla, and top it with purple cabbage, fresh pico, fresh guacamole, and a chipotle lime greek yogurt dressing instead of sour cream.

These super tasty tacos are actually a recipe in the 28-Day Clean & Colorful Recipe Guide. So make sure to cook up these tacos if you have the guide!

2. Meatless burgers

Now, the Clean & Colorful Solution doesn’t say that you can’t have meat, but we do use it sparingly and appropriately. The stars of our dishes and the premise of the Clean & Colorful Solution is to get tons of plant powered goodness in your body to keep it strong and healthy.

These sweet potato patties (also in the 28-Day Clean & Colorful Recipe Guide) look like little hamburger patties, but they aren’t! These little patties are made of mashed roasted potatoes and black beans rolled in corn meal and baked. They’re also served with a pretty tasty salad and homemade vinaigrette.

3. Pineapple salsa

Red meat is usually a four letter word in the Clean & Colorful Kitchen, however, sometimes it can be an awesome choice for dinner when it comes to a lean and quality piece of red meat. Especially when its paired with pineapple salsa.

The thing about pineapple salsa, which is awesome, is that it contains bromelain which is an enzyme which naturally helps your body break down red meat, and prevents that upset stomach that sometimes happens after eating red meat. Plus our pineapple salsa has three colors in it!

Five ways to sneak delicious veggies into everyday meals and snacks. Pin now, read later. | www.eatdrinkandbeskinny.com

4. Happy hour snacks

Often times during happy hour you’ll see cheese and crackers, and tortilla chips and hummus. How about we turn these not so colorful snacks into super tasty and colorful snacks which are full of nutrition?

When it comes to upgrading cheese and crackers, I like to swap out the crackers for apples. Not only does it taste great, but you’ve now said buh bye to the processed crackers. Not to mention all of the added fiber and nutrients from the apple.

A simple and colorful swap for hummus and tortilla chips is carrots! You still get that crunch you desire without the calories and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Say bye to brown and hello to orange!

Side note…

I get lots of questions about what I consider processed vs un-processed foods. The answer here is that if it doesn’t have an ingredients list then it’s un-processed. If there is an ingredients list then the fewer the ingredients the better….it also helps to know exactly what those ingredients are too.

5. Salad on the go

If you’re short on color for the day then salad to go is an awesome option! You can pack it full of color and your favorite veggies. But what do you put your salad to go in?? Well, if you have some left over meal prep containers laying around just wash them out and pack your salad! Or a mason jar does wonders for keeping your salad fresh, tasty and portable

Plus a salad to go is the perfect excuse for making your own salad dressing. Just take some fruits or veggies, fresh herbs, quality oil and blend. Not only are you packing color into your diet, but you’re getting healthy fats and tons of nutrients. And it tastes good!

If you want more tips like this…

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Teresa Marie Howes, BS, CPT, HHP
Teresa Marie is a nutrition expert, fitness enthusiast and health coach. She is backed with a BS in Nutrition, an MBA, a CPT from ACE and 16+ years of experience in the weight loss and wellness space. She is the founder and lead contributor of this site and coaches clients across the globe on how to achieve better health and more happiness by implementing the 4 Universal Diet Truths of her Clean & Colorful Concept.

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