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A Special Grab and Go Snack

I don’t know about you — but I am busy! From sun-up to sun-down I am go- go-go. And even with as much as I love food, I sometimes find it inconvenient to find time to put it together and pack it to go. I write all the time about easy, healthy grab and go snacks. But sometimes you don’t even have time for those, and that’s where I think something like these new Special K Snack Bars are quite handy.

A Healthier Snack Bar

Special K is on a mission to encourage women to replace their “not-so-wholesome” snack cravings with their new handy-dandy, on-the-go-bars that are filled with “good-stuff.” While snack bars aren’t always the most health optimizing options available, ones fill with real ingredients like small bits of rich chocolate chunks, real fruit pieces, crunchy rice crisps and whole grains can go a long when it comes to keep your metabolic¬†engine humming and kicking a craving at the same time. These little guys are not just light on the calories, with only 100 calories per bar, they are low sodium and on the lower end of sugar scale.

Special K Snack Bars

Yummy AM and PM Flavors!

What I Like About These Special K Snack Bars

I personally also like that they are not covered in chocolate. This means I can carry them in a purse or gym bag and not worry about them getting all melted and messy. And with just 100 calories of light carbohydrate, these are actually a pretty good pre-run snack! Especially for those of us who wake up and hit the pavement ASAP. Getting in 100 calories of easily digestible carbohydrate is a great way to power a stronger workout. And the flavors are pretty fun too — berry and blueberry would be nice in the morning and the salted caramel and salted pretzel hitting home for the afternoon chocolate-snack craving.

Perfect purse sized snack! No mess here :)

Perfect purse sized snack! No mess here ūüôā

Wanna Dress Up Your Special K Snack Bar for Breakfast?

I don’t think I would ever suggest a 100 calorie, blueberry flavored snack bar was a good idea for a balanced breakfast (albeit better than nothing). If you can invest an additional 30 seconds, you can create something pretty awesome! Just take 1 /2 cup blueberries (frozen or fresh) and put them in the bottom of a small bowl. Top with 1 cup nonfat vanilla flavored Greek yogurt. Chop up the Blueberry Bliss snack bar into bite sized bits and use as a topper. Yum! And now you have about 250 calories, 20g protein and 4g fiber. Not bad, right? And it is yummy!

Special K Breakfast

Quite possibly one of the world’s easiest healthy breakfasts.

To learn more about these snack bars and Special K’s mission, be sure to visit them on website or visit them on FaceBook and/or Twitter!

What’s your favorite grab-and-go snack? I’d love to hear about it!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K.

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