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A Special Little Craving Kicking Treat

I have a sweet-tooth like nobody’s business.

Not every day, but pretty regularly, my body says, “how about a little chocolate?” And even as a wellness advocate, who coaches people on how to build a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, I struggle with the mental and emotional willpower when it comes to saying “no” to cakes, cookies and ice-cream treats.

special k brownies

So how in the heck do I manage that?

I have strong behavioral willpower! You would think a squirrel lived in my house if you scoured my cabinets on any random day. I just don’t keep junk food in the house (it’s just not safe there — lol). If I don’t buy it, I can’t eat it at 3pm in the afternoon when my takes buds start poking at me to find some sugar. It totally works. Like 95% of the time.

What do I do the other 5% of the time?

I find smaller treats that are truly satisfying. It’s hard to cheat a true craving. I could eat 5 packs of 100 calorie-houdini-cookies that offer no real satisfaction. Whatever my body is looking for simply cannot be found in “diet food.” Most processed bags of “treats” that promise a larger portion with funky ingredients for fewer calories are problematic for me. I think it’s really easy to eat more calories with these Houdini foods than if you just sucked it up and ate a real cookie.

special k brownies

Meet Special K’s new mini brownies

This is why I was actually so pleasantly surprised when I tried these little guys! When I opened the box I found they were actually really small, hence the fulfilling the 80 calorie claim. That’s a good thing! That means their packed with craving kicking power – and they are! I dressed mine up just a bit by topping it with some vanilla greek yogurt that I blended with frozen strawberries and drizzled with fresh strawberry syrup (that came when I defrosted the strawberries). Yum! Craving-Kicked for under 100 calories!

Special K Brownies

My only words of caution

The potential problem I see is that 7 come in a box and with only 80 calories per serving I could see how easy it might be to slip into “what’s one more little bite” and chow yourself through a few hundred calories pretty quick. You will need to be prepared to practice some self control and know that just one can totally fit the craving-kicking-bill. I think that because they are individually packaged and drizzled with satisfying chocolate, this should be a realistic achievement.

What’s your sweet-tooth craving kicking trick?

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  • Valerie

    I really want to start getting healthier but I don’t know where I should start . I’ve read a few of your things on here I like the juicer one and the fruit smoothies . What is best for me to start out with for the first time and what is the cheapest juicer u can buy that does a good job ?

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