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Stress Management Part 2 – Where does it come from?

Last week I introduced this series of stress management posts. The holidays are rough, I don’t care how functional your family is, this is just a hard time to find balance. So take 5 min a week to follow this series to really get what’s going in your body as a result of the stuff happening in your life and put it into action. If you didn’t read last week’s post, check I out here so you’re all caught up:What it is and why pay attention to it.

Onto today’s stress management discussion…

Stress Management Part 2: Where does stress come from?

Well, the troublesome answer is that just about everything we humans are forced to deal with every so often causes stress. We all know about the major life events that put us on edge – good and bad: change in marital, job, financial status, adoption or birth of a child, death of a loved one, moving, caring for a sick loved one, or diagnosis of serious illness. It’s no surprise when you find yourself or someone know quite well is acting a bit off kilter when these major lifestyle shits occurs.

But what’s more of a surprise, and something I think most of us really need to dial into, is that the National Institute of Mental Health has identified 10 common sources of stress…and you know what? I think we deal with these — a lot. And maybe we don’t realize the effect this mild stress has on the quality of our lives.

See below and keep a running ticker of how many of these bullets to you battle regularly?

Overly Common Causes of Daily Stress

  1. Over scheduled daily calendar
  2. Job Stress and demands
  3. Lack of time with family and friends
  4. Lack of time for own personal interests
  5. Lack of play or downtime
  6. Inequity of home responsibilities
  7. Guilt (about everything)
  8. Bad kids (that sounds mean, I think it meant troublesome child behavior?)
  9. Lack of time
  10. Lack of money

So even in my “stress free life” I’m exposed to 6.5 of the 10 causes of daily stress. No wonder I can be such a pain in the ass 😉 Either way, I find it interesting…

Now that you’ve been exposed to the fact that you maybe have justifiable stress in your life, be sure to come back next week when I’ll tell you all about WHY you want to deal with it consciously.

Happy Holidays!


Here’s the Stress Management Article Breakdown:

  1. What it is/why pay attention
  2. Where it comes from
  3. Why it’s bad for you
  4. How to deal with it


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