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Success Story: Life Beyond Cancer And Hypothyroid by Kylee Molloy

If you have found yourself struggling lately, physically or emotionally, I think you’ll relate to and appreciate this motivational story from Kylee, a gal I know from a local fitness group here in San Diego.  I always knew she was a committed and successful athlete, so I was excited when I saw she had decided to try my  Clean & Colorful 3-Day Detox.  I reached out to ask how it was going, if she had any questions or wanted to share her experience. I had no idea what an awesome story it was going to be. So much so, that I wanted to share it with all of you as well.

This success goes far beyond a detox and is a result of Kylee’s inspirational mindset. Battling your body, in this case recovering from thyroid cancer and hypothyroid (low thyroid function, which can make you groggy, depressed and gain weight) can be exhausting and defeating. I believe that stories of victory can go a long way as we all manage our issues and search for optimal health. I hope this serves as evidence and inspiration that with the right attitude (and tools) you can achieve what you want to.

life-beyond-cancer-and-hypothyroidDetox is done! Yahoo.

So just a little inside of what my life has been like the past several months. Back in May I had an appointment with my new endocrinologist. My thyroid function was good and I weighed 112 pounds, and I felt good. I was the same weight I weighed when I found out I had cancer and lost my thyroid.


In June, I ran a marathon and thereafter had a treatment to test for cancer again. The treatment made me horribly sick and made me extremely hypothyroid that week. After the test was all done I didn’t feel the same. It was hard to recover from the marathon and get back into running, but I did. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I felt depressed.

I trained through the summer and even ran another marathon which did not go well. Emotionally I wasn’t okay. Cancer took my thyroid! It changed my body and whole life forever. I had never struggled with my weight until now, and I am still dealing with it emotionally.

On September 19th, I had an appointment and found out that I had gained 9 lbs. It actually wasn’t my thyroid hormones this time. Maybe stress and anxiety? I decided I needed to change some things in my eating habits and fitness.

The Diet Changes I Made

  1. I stopped eating bread and cheese
  2. I ate strictly limited fruit (because I love sugar)
  3. I loaded up on veggies
  4. I cut out dairy beside yogurt
  5. I stopped drinking my calories.

I started to do kettle bell swings and then I found the 3 day detox. It was just what I needed and I was already getting my body prepared with my new habits, so it was perfect.


The Detox went great. I ended up drinking Suja juice, the original detox soup, and berry green goodness smoothie for the 3 days. I love juice and smoothies now! I’ve always liked smoothies, but had never made my own.

I didn’t do much cardio only because I had worked out a little hard on Monday and was incredibly sore because it was all new stuff. Like unreal sore. But I did some kettle bell swings on day 2 and 3 and walked about 5 miles on day 1 and 2 just at work. I felt great and although I don’t know the exact weight, I think I lost 3-4 pounds. I didn’t weight myself till 4pm the 1st day and then 5pm on day 3 because I had to go to gym to do it.

Since that doctor’s visit on September 19th I can say I’ve lost 6 lbs. And all because I decided to take control of my life. My body feels better, and I’m willing to run without my shirt on. The weight gain had made me so insecure I had decided to do some retail therapy and buy running shirts. Ha. It helped but now I don’t feel like I have to wear them!

The picture on the left is from September 20th when the change began in my mind and heart, and the one to the right is today Oct 1st.


Beyond Cancer And Hypothyroid

I see the change and will keep working at it. It doesn’t end here whatsoever. I feel like myself again and want to keep doing the work necessary to be healthy and strong. I feel I look myself again and want to keep doing the work necessary  to be healthy  and strong.  Thank you Theresa for helping me get healthy physically and mentally. I’m not a victim to cancer. I can live with out a thyroid  and still be thin and fit. I just have to work a little harder then I use too,  and that’s OK 🙂 I’m so happy!! Much love to you.

Thank you Kylee for sharing your story and being such an awesome inspiration!! 

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