Summer Cocktails on San Diego Living
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Cooling Summer Cocktails on San Diego Living

What’s the only thing better than a good summer cocktail recipe, especially on that is cooling, refreshing and skinny? How about when there are three of them!

I love the team over at Channel 6 and they asked if I had any skinny cocktails to cool down their Dog Days of Summer promotion. The answer? Of Course! I had planned to share the Skinny Boozicles and new summer recipes on Friday, but heck, what’s wrong with Monday morning, right? I’ll never miss a chance to shake up the set with a Monday morning booze fest. It is one of my more favorite things to do!

So here’s the quick view of the “how to” make these tasty new summer libations. As always, I had a great time with Laura and Mark (sorry I missed you Heather!) on the set of San Diego Living. Check out the here and read the Summer Cocktail post  for the details on the recipes!

Summer Cocktails on San Diego Living, Monday June 9th!

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