Super Hero: Super Core Workout!
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Super Hero: Super Core Workout!

Inspired by Comic-Con 2015!

As anybody who has ever attended Comic-Con or simply been in Downtown San Diego for the event, you know it’s a big deal. Our city and all its visitors go absolutely NUTZ for this event and for good reason. It’s not just a bunch of goofy comic book lovers geeking out over their favorite cartoons. This is a star-studded, first-class, Hollywood event and it draws 130,00+ attendees with an economic impact over 180 million to our beautiful city. So…love it or hate it, it’s a big deal!

Due to the hustle and bustle of the Comic-Con Season, I was inspired!

Is your core in distress? Villainous, unwanted fat lingering, wrecking havoc on your summer fun? Time to clean house and call in the super hero, super powered big gun exercises! The Core Challenge from last year was one of my all-time favorite challenges. And two of the 5 moves have direct ties to two of the most famous super heroes of all…Spider Man and Super Man! Together these two forces unite to blast fat and strengthen your core! I almost felt like tossing in some triceps dips also and calling them “Bat Girls” (clearly, she’s fighting bat wings) but simplicity won the race so here you have it…



Oh these will kill you! Well not really, but this is a super-charged PLANK!  You’ll work the entire core region by holding the plank and the knee to elbow movement will help cut up those sexy obliques we all strive to obtain.


So often we we think of CORE, we think abs and crunches, but it’s the entire torso we want to strengthen and the low back is so often neglected. While this move is a bit uncomfortable and does not really generate those sexy abs we need so badly in the Summertime, it’s a functional move that will keep you strong and prevent injury and imbalance.

I love this workout because it’s simple (but of course not easy) and you can do it anywhere and anytime! Start with 3 sets of 10 reps of each of the two exercises. Increase the reps as your super powered strength increases. Do them every day for the duration of Comic-Con this weekend and well beyond. I suggest 30 days. You will be amazed at the results of these two super hero exercises.

If you want more, check out all 5 exercises from the original 30-Day Core Challenge, here you go!

What are some of your favorite CORE busting exercises of all time? 

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