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Push-Up Form: Maximize Results and Prevent Injury

While push-ups are one of the most impactful and beneficial exercise you can do to improve your exercise ROI (great results for most efficient effort), bad form can quickly compromise your results and make you more prone to injury. Proper…

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Getting Started on the 30-Day Step & Stretch Challenge

Welcome to the first day of our 30-day step and stretch challenge! I’m so excited to get started, and to step and stretch our way to reaching new fitness goals. This 30-day challenge is pretty simple, but will have a huge…

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Free 30-Day Challenge: Step and Stretch

All right Challengers — it’s time for a brand new month and a brand new challenge! Sometimes when we laser focus in on exercising and weight loss, we forget about fitness fundamentals. That’s why this month we’re getting back to…

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30 Day Plank Challenge

This is it. The BEST 30-Day Plank Challenge of all. I feel like I should disclaim that for fear of the FTC coming after me, but well, oh well. I’ll be really honest, this is an awesome challenge and we’re…

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30 Day Cardio Interval Challenge

February is American Heart Month — the 30 Day Cardio Interval Challenge was created to support the national efforts! According to the CDC, “Heart disease is a major problem. Every year, about 715,000 Americans have a heart attack. About 600,000 people die…

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The 30-Day Push-Up Challenge is BACK!

Ready to rock your upper body like never before? Well then, welcome to the 30-Day Push-Up Challenge! Almost two years ago, well before this blog existed, I had a trainer at the gym that told me if I did 100 push-ups…

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30 Day Nutrition Challenge – Amp It Up!

Here we go again! Round 2 of the 30-Day Challenge Series diet focused challenges! The 30-Day Juicing Challenge has been a blast and it has been wonderful to see and hear about everybody’s delicious and nutritious concoctions! But the 30…

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July Lunge Challenge – 30 Day Challenge Series

It’s that time again…time to start thinking about a new challenge for July! We kicked off strong in May with the Push-up Challenge, which was also carried into June with some success! June we rolled into the Abs Challenge, and…