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Stress Management Part 4 – How to Manage It

Welcome to the final and ideally most useful portion of this series. Just about a month ago, as we were approaching the holidays (historically the most fast paced, bang your head against the wall and take shots of peppermint schnapps…

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Stress Management Part 3 – Why it’s bad for you

A few weeks ago. Or maybe months…it was right as the holidays were starting to kick in. I thought it would make sense to open up the topic of stress management as a fun series of posts. Well, the holidays…

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Stress Management Part 2 – Where does it come from?

Last week I introduced this series of stress management posts. The holidays are rough, I don’t care how functional your family is, this is just a hard time to find balance. So take 5 min a week to follow this…

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Stress Management Part 1 – What is it?

Stress management is such a buzz word thee days. There is so much information out there on how to properly manage the stress in our lives, and ultimately most of us don’t do it right. So then we feel bad,…

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