take action tip #6 - hold your loved ones close
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Take Action Tip #6: Hold Your Loved Ones Close

It was a sad week in my home…

I’ll apologize in advance for this week’s TAT being a bit out of the ordinary, but my week took a turn for heartbreak as I unexpectedly had to put down one of my faithful and loving furbaby’s this past weekend.

Instead of pretending everything is ok and I’m as happy and healthy as ever, I wanted to take this week’s newsletter and share it as a reminder to hold your babies (furry or not) close while you have them.

Life can be full of so much love and joy with creatures and humans that love unconditionally. We often get so caught up in the to-do, doing and done we don’t take enough time to stop, snuggle and just love.

take action tip #6 - hold your loved ones close

Goodbye My Most Handsome Samson…

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that I had two kitties at home. They would often pop up in a video or be featured in a blog post for a cat food product, they even have their own Instagram account; The Sam and Sophie Show.

Samson was my handsome devil. He would have been 13 this June, but he’s now resting among our angels and I’m at peace knowing he is in no pain. He was a beautiful creature, loyal snuggler, bossy older brother, and kind companion. He loved to pose for photos and enjoyed all the adoration he received for his striking good looks. He was a ham. And now he’s gone.

He was beautiful until the moment he left this earth and I’ll forever be grateful for all the nights he slept by side and purred me to sleep. I will carry him in my heart forever.

Cheers with a Samsonite SkinnyTini

Because I simply can’t send a newsletter with no new information, I’ll share the recipe for the Samsonite SkinnyTini. SkinnyTinis was published in 2009 and as any ridiculous cat mom would do, I sure did sneak in a Samsonite Skinny and SophieTini recipe. My publisher didn’t seem to mind…

take action tip #6 - hold your loved ones close

There is actually a Flaming Samsonite recipe that is featured on the blog as a spoof on the night his tail caught on fire so many years ago. Feel free to omit the Ever Clear and enjoy this as a rich and creamy dessert style cocktail and cheers to all the love in your life (furry or not!)

take action tip #6 - hold your loved ones close

Thank you for being a part of my community. This was most certainly an odd week for me at home and I expect to be back on track with a more traditional and actionable Take Action Tip next week!

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  • Annie Viola

    Your white cat was so adorable! I am so sorry for your loose. Thanks so much for posting that recipe vodka is my favorite. I will be checking back in! 🙂