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How To Take Juicing Photos

It’s no secret I’m a fan of juicing! Mostly because I love the way it makes me feel – healthy, alive and energized. But you know what else I love? The vibrant colors! With the Color Yourself Skinny 21-Day Diet Detox being all about adding color your your day, juicing is a great way to do it. A fresh juice or smoothie a day is such a healthy habit to build and a great way to put a pep in your step, boost your immunity and vitality.

The 30 Day Juice Challenge is in Development

I’m actually working on a 30 Day Juicing Challenge that is more detailed than the simple one we did last year. The new program will include recipes for daily juicing (of course from all across the rainbow) an eBook with the need to know info on how to get started (selecting a juicer, time saving tips, juices vs smoothies, etc.) and an 8 part video series that walks you through the basic “how to” and benefits! I hope to have it available in June and would like to roll it into my summer diet bet, so stay tuned for details!

How Do I Get Really Great Juicing Photos?

A lot of the inspiration behind juicing comes from the images. You have to see fresh fruits and veggies and think “yup, I want that in my body.” So great photos are key in this regard. I have the fancy Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera, as any blogger who focuses even a tiny bit on food should. But that does not mean I’m qualified to use it correctly – ha! It’s certainly not a point and shoot and there is an art to learning to take decent photos, let alone good or even great photos. Simply having the machine in no way ensures good images. Just as having nice golf clubs will never ensure you hit a hole in one, or even get the ball on the green for crying out loud.

juicing veggies.jpg

Meet My Friend Mike Newton

Lucky for me I have talented friends. And entrepreneurial friends at that. Our good friend Mike is a professional photographer who blogs at Hacking Photography. He’s had so much success, that he was able to leave his job in sales and focus full time on snagging beautiful images on behalf of companies, families, events and so on. And he didn’t stop there. Essentially, he’s a self-taught photographer. And he believes strongly that while photography is a difficult craft, most people can become good photographers by simply mastering a few key concepts. And just as I felt compelled to share my nutrition knowledge with the masses, he did the same for photographers.


Mike Helped Me Out With These Juicing Photos

I wanted to do a basic photo shoot of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Indigo fruits and veggies and then juice them. It was such a fun day of laying out the most vibrant of natures treasures and then juicing them down into my mini-mason jars that I love! I spent the time prepping veggies for the most part and Mike took some pretty killer pictures! Check out this album to see just how much fun we had, and what a talented photographer Mike is…

Try His eBook, Hacking Photography

Mike created a digital product that will teach anybody the basic skills to use their camera to take good images. Woot! He took the ‘ole 80/20 rule and applied it to photography. 20% of the tricks can give you 80% of the benefit in your pictures. And since Mike is a friend of mine, he has been gracious enough to give all my readers a $20 discount! So go check out his product and use code “skinnypics” to take off $20 at checkout!

Click here to visit Hacking Photography Ebook*

Hacking Photography

Happy Juicing and Happy Snapping to you!

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