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Teresa’s Top 10 Tips to Drink More Water!

Headaches and fatigue are chronic issues so many of us suffer from and they lead to poor mood, weight gain and general malaise. What if there was a simple, inexpensive (even free!) and easy solution that could help up to 3 out of 4 of us find better health and more happiness? I think there might be, which is why we’re talking about proper hydration today and my simple 10 tips to drink more water!

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About 60% of your body weight comes from water and it is involved in every metabolic process, needless to say, proper hydration is essential to maximizing your health and happiness.

The bad news: Chronic dehydration can cause wide variety of common and mildly taxing medical complications like fatigue, joint pain, weight gain, and headaches to more serious conditions like ulcers, high blood pressure, kidney disease and much worse.

The good news: Reports indicate that 75% of American’s may be suffering from chronic dehydration.

How in the world is that good news?

Because it’s so easy to fix! The symptoms of dehydration are also some of the most common and debilitation issues so many of us suffer from daily. I’m a fan of simple solutions. If something as easy as drinking more water, a free and for the most part, widely available substance, can alleviate pain for 3 out of 4 people – I’d say let’s get on this!

How much water should you drink?

As the Mayo Clinic so aptly states, “It’s a simple question with no easy answers.” Reports vary, and the bottom line is that the finite recommendation depends on many unique metabolic and environmental factors. However, having a simple benchmark to strive for is quite helpful. The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake for men is roughly about 13 cups (104 oz) and for women, about 9 cups (72 oz) of fluids* a day.

*Yes, that’s total beverages; sodas, diet sodas, juice, coffee, booze any and all liquid you consume daily. But I say stick with water! It’s less expensive, calorie free, toxin free and much, much better for your health in the long run.

Teresa Marie’s Additional Hydration Hints

In the case of water, more is always better than less and something is always better than nothing. With the exception of the more frequent bathroom visits, there aren’t many downsides to significantly increasing your water intake. I say start with the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations, and then try to add 8 oz for every 15 min of exercise, alcoholic or caffeinated beverage. Drink before you’re thirsty and follow these Top 10 Tips to Drink More Water throughout the day.

Teresa’s Top 10 Tips to Drink More Water

  1. Make it easy! Get and carry with you at all times reusable water bottle. It makes drinking more water easier and saves the planet.
  2. Spice it up! Add fruit or lemon to your water to boost alkalinity and flavor to make it taste better. You can even get a reusable water bottle designed fruit and citrus infusions.
  3. Add bubbles for variety! Invest in a soda stream to make your water bubbly so it’s more festive and fun! This is also great for mocktails.
  4. Don’t rely on instinct! Thirst kicks in after your dehydrated. Setting and alarm or reminder in your phone to drink more water regularly throughout the day can keep dehydration at bay.
  5. Keep track! Snap a rubber band with 5 paper clips around your 20 oz water bottle. Remove one clip each time you empty the bottle. When the clips are gone, you’ve consumed 100 oz of water!
  6. Make sure it tastes good! More water is better than less water so don’t be too afraid of the tap. But clean water is the best! Depending on where you live, you may want to invest in a good water faucet filter to improve local water quality and flavor.
  7. Exercise with water! Get a hand held water bottle or belt designed for exercise to carry with you when you’re out and about and remember to take a sip at least every 10 minuets or every mile.
  8. Create rules! Something simple like “I’ll have 16 oz water before each meal” or “I’ll have 24 oz of water as soon as I wake up” are simple guidelines that can help you create habits that will stick!
  9. Don’t forget teatime! Unsweetened iced tea and hot herbal teas are great ways to mix up your hydration strategy with soothing flavor profiles.
  10. Sippy cups aren’t just for kids! No seriously, having a cup with a straw can making drinking water so much easier. They have tons of reusable versions now that are easy to keep at your desk and take on the go.

Top Tips to Drink More Water

What other tips & tricks do you have up your sleeve to keep dehydration at bay?

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