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New Challenge for October: The 100 Mile Month Challenge

Whether you’re looking to get back on track or pick up the pace, the 100 Mile Month Challenge is a great motivator to get up and get moving — every. Single. Day!

Personally, I love this challenge for this month because I’ll be scooting all over the south of Spain with my dad and brother reliving our time there back in the 80s and I’m gearing up for a the Napa Ragnar early next month! We don’t need a ton of structure, just a little nudge to get moving a little more, every-single-day!

Little me, big brother and super cool father in the south of Spain, 1984.

Why Take the 100 Mile Month Challenge?

Because moving more is a good thing! Health organizations agree that moving more is a great way to not only slim down, tone up, manage stress, boost your mood and confidence! It’s also a great way to improve your health and decrease your risk of heart disease, the number one killer of men and women in America and other lifestyle related degenerative diseases.

What exactly does the 100 Mile Month Challenge involve?

This one is pretty simple, you can walk it, run it, jog it, crawl it, or even swim it! Just move 100 miles this month 100% wheels free. No skating, cycling or driving. You must use your body to move yourself forward for a total of 100 miles this month. It will be up to you to decide when and where to get in your miles, but it should average just over 3 miles per day. All movement counts — this does not need to be dedicated “exercise.” It includes all your daily movement PLUS your planned exercise.

Does the 100 Mile Month Challenge Sound Hard?

It might, because 100 miles is really far! It’s nearly 4 full marathons and if you walk a standard 20 min mile, this can take over 30 hours to complete! Even if you’re a runner, it’s 15 hours of jogging at a 10 min mile. Oooch! But let’s get real here and not forget that there is a standard goal out there to move 10,000 steps a day, which is roughly 5 miles depending on your stride length. And we’re not just talking dedicated exercise, this is all of it! By simply committing, making a small effort and tracking your daily mileage, you’ll be amazed at how fast it adds up! You might even find you don’t need the entire month to get there.

Easy Ways To Get In More Mileage This Month:

  • Don’t drive, walk. If it’s walkable, do it. Save the planet and get to your goal faster.
  • If you do drive, park really far away.
  • Use less email/messaging at the office and walk to see your co-workers.
  • Drink more water, you’ll have to go to the bathroom more.
  • Schedule walking dates over coffee dates and weekend hikes instead of lunches.
  • Get lost – ha ha, but this one is fool proof.
  • Pretend your elevator is out of service this month, the stairs are there for reason.
  • Require 10 min of neighborhood walking before sitting on the couch at night.
  • Walk around the gym (outside the entire building) before you go it (if it’s safe of course).

See how easy it can be? All of those ideas could add up to 100 miles right there! And that’s not counting your regular exercise.

Bonus Challenges to the 100 Mile Month Challenge:

As crazy as it sounds, moving 100 miles this month between regular exercise and daily movement might actually not be that hard, so let’s put in a few bonus challenges for fun…

  1. How fast can you get in those 100 miles? Keep track of your daily movement and see if you can reach 100 miles faster than anybody else!
  2. How many miles can you rack up? Maybe you hit 100 in the first few weeks, how far can you? Can you double down? Let’s see!

The Fine Print for the 100 Mile Month Challenge:

  1. You will need some sort of device to track your steps in addition to your planned exercise. An Apple watchFitbit or any wearable device is best, but even a simple pocket pedometer will work too and they are much less expensive.
  2. Always be safe and alert when walking outside and schedule walking dates with buddies whenever possible. It’s more fun and there is safety in numbers. “Walk and Talks” are the best swap for high calorie happy hours!
  3. This challenge is designed to help you build the habit to move more! But a dramatic increase in mileage and movement can be taxing on your body as well. Be sure to check out this post on the 5 Best Stretches for Runners and take the Foam Rolling Challenge to keep you pain free and moving forward.
  4. At the beginning of the month you will record weight and basic measurements. At the end of the month, you will do the same thing to measure your progress.
  5. Use your tracker and join the FaceBook Community to record your daily mileage. Let’s see how fast we can get there and how far we can go this month!
  6. And as with any and all 30 Day Challenges, be sure to check with your doctor before you start any new exercise regimen.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Have Fun. Get FIT!

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