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The Anywhere Anytime HIIT Workout!

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If you’ve ever transitioned from constantly running to not running at all, you probably know how tripping of a transition this is. Luckily, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are a phenomenal tool for getting a runner through this transition.

What is a HIIT Workout?

These interval, HIIT Workouts have been an outstanding tool to keep me fit! There is so much research out there today showing that pushing it really, really hard for just a short period time, recovering and going at it again is more effective way to burn calories, balance hormones and maintain a healthy lifestyle and body. Not to mention, it only takes 12-24 minutes!

Why I love HIIT Workouts?

Because I can do them anywhere and anytime. It’s been an odd adjustment, getting used to being in and out of the gym, sweaty and exhausted, in less than an hour! And when I can’t get to the gym…I do them in my living room or on the patio. These are no BS, no excuse, no way to get out of these…once you have a plan and the tools, there is no backing out.

HIIT Workout Structure

When you’re doing HIIT training it’s about maximum effort against complete rest. You can do a 1:2 ratio (30 seconds work: 1 minute rest), 1:1 ratio (30 seconds work: 30 seconds rest) or a 2:1 ratio (1 minute work: 30 seconds rest).

As a beginner, it’s a great idea to start with 1:2, progress to 1:1 and eventually to 2:1. A very popular form of HIIT is Tabata and the structure is 20 seconds work to 10 seconds recovery for 8 rounds. That is one cycle, and you can do 3-9 cycles depending on your stamina and time constraints.

Required Equipment for a HIIT Workout

The only thing you really need is a timer. I have been loving this free timer app I got from the Apple Ap Store by PushPress.com. Here is how I set up my workout:

HIIT Workout Timer (Tabata)

It’s exactly 26:20. I change up the exercises every time I do it and I’m always a sweaty mess when I’m done. I typically do 2 cycles for lower body, 2 cycles for upper body and 2 cycles for core. Other equipment is totally optional but weights can be good, a yoga mat, a bench for dips and my newest favorite tool…the jump rope!!

The Jump Rope is a Cardio Monster!

I’m wanting to work more cardio into my workouts and you can only do so many high knees and butt kickers. The Jump Rope is a great tool not just for its use the traditional sense of the word, but also as a marker for lateral jumps and so on. I ended up with this jump rope and it’s no joke. It’s for the serious cross-fitters, not little girls with pigtails (ha ha. Kind of, but seriously). Here is my newest Cardio Core HIIT Workout Obsession:

Here’s what it looks like when you do it as a Tabata Style HIIT Workout:

Cycle 1: Cardio

  • 20 seconds Jump Rope
  • 10 seconds Rest
  • 20 seconds Lateral Jump
  • 10 seconds Rest
  • Repeat 4

Cycle 2: Cardio

  • Times 20 seconds Jumping Jack
  • 10 seconds Rest
  • 20 seconds Jump Squat
  • 10 seconds Rest
  • Repeat 4 Times

Cycle 3: Core

  • 20 seconds Mountain Climber
  • 10 seconds Rest
  • 20 seconds Knee Elbow Plank
  • 10 seconds Rest
  • Repeat 4 Times

Ready for a HIIT workout?

Download your app, get your jump rope ready and go! It’s that simple!

XFIT PRO Jump Rope

What exercises will you include in your HIIT Workout? 


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