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Interview with Body Image Movement Founder Taryn Brumfitt

Today I’m so excited to share this interview I had the opportunity to do with the creator of The Body Image Movement, Taryn Brumfitt. Taryn is a huge inspiration, and has so much to teach us about self-love and acceptance.

body image movement

What is The Body Image Movement?

The Body Image Movement was founded through Taryn’s own struggles to accept her body after having children. Taryn’s turning point from despising her body to learning how to love it came when she started contemplating plastic surgery to “fix” her post baby body.

Taryn realized that this would send the wrong message to her daughter, and decided that it was time to love the body she has. After receiving quite a bit of attention for her Facebook post (shown below), Taryn started traveling the globe interviewing social icons about what it means to them to love their bodies.

body image movement

The Facebook post that started it all.

The Body Image Movement strives to teach everyone that they have “the right to love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability”. To experience The Body Image Movement for yourself, watch EMBRACE here.

My body is not an ornament, it is a vehicle to my dreams.” – Taryn Brumfitt 

Now for the exciting part, my interview with Taryn! I’m sure you will love her as much as I did! Also, please note that the answers are paraphrased based on notes take during the interview, and only sentences in “” are direct quotes.

The power of self-love with Taryn

Q: What is the goal of the Body Image Movement?

A: To help people realize that how you feel is not about how you look. The movement is about empowering self-care and self-love so we can learn to make better decisions. We need to move from punishment to pleasure. Encourage people to get to the top of a mountain and enjoy the view, feel the endorphins. People, let’s start a positive conversation!

Q: What has been the most satisfying part of this entire movement that you have started?

A: The overwhelming interest in support from women around the world and the stories they have shared. These stories are allowing women to make a connection, opening dialogue and creating hope.

Q: What has been the most frustrating part of this entire movement that you have started?

A: This misunderstanding of the concept that Embrace is about being fat and lazy. It’s the exact opposite; we’re talking about being healthy. Inside and out.

body image movement

Q: How do we advocate “self-acceptance” with “self-improvement” to battle the obesity epidemic we struggle with today?

A: Embrace is about making positive changes to improve our health. People can set any goal they would like. If you’re not in a healthy weight range, then weight loss can be a good goal. But it must be done in a loving and kind way. “I’ve never seen someone make lifelong change coming from a place of shame. Positive, sustainable change must come from love.”

Q: What is the one simple thing any woman can do right now to start making this movement a reality in her life and start falling back in love with her body today?

A: take 5 min out of her day and reflect on “when you take your final breath on this earth, what thoughts will be going through your mind. In those last few days, what will you be thinking about?”. The answer is not the shape of your body…tap into what matters now while we have the choice. This will give you access to a rich and abundant life through gratitude.

Q: What is next for the Body Image Movement?

A: Roll out education around the world. We are creating a study guide to be put into high schools.

Q: How can people get involved?

A: Two ways:

  1. Race to Embrace: All the details are on the site, please look them up. But the idea is that any woman can take a $10 note and give it to any woman on the street with the instructions to “take this $10 and download and watch Embrace. And if you love it, then pass the $10. The $10 note is the baton on the race to embrace. There are instructions on how to “start a race” on the website, let’s start the race, see what we need to do.
  2. Unstoppable 6-Week online course. Can you find the details here.

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