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The Flaming Samsonite SkinnyTini

I am not kidding here — this really happened! First off, yes, the Samsonite SkinnyTini that is featured in my book “SkinnyTinis — All the Fun for Half the Calories” is named after my fluffy, lovvey, white kitty Samson. There is also a SophiTini after my stuffy, cuddly, grey kitty Sophie. But that’s not part of this story. So the picture above is no joke, that is the Samsonite SkinnyTini. Which is a delicious coconutty SkinnyTini. It’s actually a phenomenal recipe. And that beautiful white kitty is Samson himself. He really wants to be a cat model, so he poses just about anytime he sees the camera. Can you blame him? Honestly, I think those two things alone are enough for a good story but one night that cotton ball of a cat had a run in with a candle and the tip of his fluffy white tail went up in flames. He wasn’t injured at all; he just has a slightly burnt and crispy tail, reminiscent of a roasted marshmallow. It was quite a riot and not the calm way to end the day has I had originally intended. But thanks to a good friend Megan, she pointed out it would make a good basis for a cocktail.

Samsonite SkinnyTini

I do know that the Samsonite SkinnyTini is absolutely delicious! It’s an excellent dessert style cocktail, perfect to wind down with after a long day and a good meal in lieu of traditional dessert. Now, I have actually tried to light it on fire and it works! You just float the Everclear on top, stick a flame it and stand back. But honest, it’s really more of an effect thing. The flame will burn off the Everclear booze and potentially some of the tasty vodka as well. Leaving you with a slightly altered version of the original intention. But its fun, especially when you know the story behind it all.

So here you have it, enjoy!


Flaming Samsonite

2oz Vanilla Vodka

2oz Nonfat Milk

½ oz Light Coconut Milk

½ oz Sugar Free Coconut Syrup

Toper of Everlear 151 Grain Alcohol

150 Calories


Directions: add vodka, milk, coconut milk and syrup to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for 5-10 seconds. Strain into a classic martini glass and float a toper of Everclear. Light the Everclear on fire for fun flaming effect while serving. Blow flame out quickly to keep the milk from curdling and enjoy. Or skip the Everclear and flame all together…and just laugh a little about my little white kitty’s burnt marshmallow tail.

Samsonite SkinnyTini

Here is Samson, quite literally giving his input on my SkinnyTini manuscript final edits.


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