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Time Saving Juicing Tips for the 30 Day Juicing Challenge!

Are you trying to make juicing a daily habit and having a hard time finding the time? Here are two great juicing tips I’ve come up with that help shorten time it takes to get a pile of veggies into a glass of juice.

I can’t help but be inspired by the 30 Day Juicing Challenge. It was the first attempt at a diet focused challenge from the 30 Day Challenge Series and while participation is a little low, those committed are mighty! I’ve seem some very amazing pictures of juices being made clear across the country and enjoyed in abundance. They say variety is the spice of life, so exposure to other great tips and recipes has been a great help in breaking me out of a juicing and diet rut.

Juicing is an amazing science, art and craft all in one. And finding the time to do it daily, can be tricky. Here are two things I have found to save me a ton of time, thus making the healthy habit easier to sustain.

Time Saving Juicing Tips

Time Saving Juicing Tip #1: Get a Juicing Bowl

I didn’t even do this on purpose. I went to a Tupperware party a year ago and felt compelled to buy something. So I bought this HUGE plastic green bowl with a lid. I don’t really know what I planned to do with it, as I didn’t even have room for it in a cupboard. I figured that if I filled it up with something, I could keep it in the refrigerator. Lol. I happened to be a on a juicing kick at the time and was having a hard time storing all the whole produce in the little drawers anyway. Since washing and chopping veggies for 1 juice is as easy as 5 juices, why not do them all at once? So I washed, chopped, and stuffed them in the bowl with a paper towel, snapped on the lid and viola. I had the goods ready to go for my next 3-5 juices without having to take out the knife! Woot!

Juicing Bowl

Getting ready for a washing and chopping frenzy.

Juicing Bowl

TA DA – ready to go ingredients! I only juice the kale stalks. The leaves I save to steam for salads, kale chips or soup.

Time Saving Juicing Tip #2: Line the Pulp Catcher

I know this isn’t an option for all juicers. But for me, this has helped quite a bit. I just use a produce bag in the back of the juicer. It catches everything, saving me from having to wash the giant piece of plastic every day. And if you plan to reuse your pulp for a fun recipe, then it’s really easy to capture and store this way.

Juicing Tip

Saves me a few minutes a day, which adds up over 30 days!

Common Juicing Mistakes

And just like anything, the more you get into it, the more you realize you don’t know.¬†Check out these top juicing mistakes from Food Babe. Some of which, I think I have been guilty of myself. Particularly the tip around timing your juice consumption with real food. Ooops. And maybe I haven’t been that good about chewing it either?

What time saving or other helpful juicing tips do you have?

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