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Video Blog: Meet Teresa Marie…for real.

TGIF Guys…quick little story for you this Friday afternoon.  On September 2012, I published my first blog post. Scary. Three years later, I’m posting my first video blog. Way scarier. But it’s time. Let me introduce myself, the very uncut, unedited version. Just sitting in my office — trying to explain exactly what I’m trying to do with my life and how I’m trying to help you find better health and more happiness.

Apparently, I like to talk…even more than I like to write. This is about three times longer than I had anticipated. Oops and sorry. If you choose to bypass the video, you can probably read the letter much quicker. But then you’ll miss my bed-head and fluffy white cat. Where’s the fun in that?

I hope to hear from you in the comments or shoot me a message directly. I really do want to know you and I how I can better serve you. How can I make better health and more happiness your reality?

Dear Readers,

I’ve been publishing new recipes, workouts and all kinds of healthy lifestyle strategies in hopes of creating real change for people, like you, for the past three years. My goal isn’t to simply to inspire, but to give you practical solutions you can take and make positive change your reality. That is my ultimate goal both personally and professionally. It is my life, and I’ve made it is my business.

While my intentions are crystal clear, I struggle because my messages can be confusing and they often get lost or overlooked. In an effort to help clarify my goals, I was asked these questions today, and in this quick letter, I hope to answer them:

  • What pisses you off about your industry?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What needs to change?
  • What’s one thing I want people to realize?

In a field as vast as “wellness” these can be hard questions to answer. Especially since I’m diet agnostic and believe in such a mild, yet sustainable, approach to health and happiness. I gave up on quick fixes long ago. But on the inter-web, that happens to be what a lot of people are looking for. And sadly, that is what still sells oh-so-well. And that is what really pisses me off. People selling crappy programs and products are making tons of money because of one off or even fake testimonials and unsubstantiated claims. I will never do that.

Regardless of how you found me, or how long you’ve been reading or how many of my ideas you have put into action…let me introduce myself and share with you what I believe in, what I stand for, and what I am hoping to achieve with my work. There are two sides to every page, and it’s important to always look at both to get the complete story…

I believe in the power of food.

  • In its ability to fuel a beautiful life and improve your health.
  • In its ability to leave you wallowing in shameful guilt and leave you in a body that is deteriorating in health and increasing your risk of chronic disease and untimely death.

I believe in responsibility.

  • Of influencers like myself, and marketers to make claims in the best interest of their patrons, not their profits.
  • Of consumers like you, to claim personal responsibility for your health and the power that you have to either improve or hinder it through your daily choices and habits.

I believe in commitment.

  • My commitment to what I stand for and my core values. To keep you from being overwhelmed by conflicting, polarizing and unsubstantiated wellness claims. To providing a clear path of information and education so you can make a choice and take action in a way that works for you.
  • Your commitment to your health. To fully understanding the power you have to build a stronger and healthier body from the inside out through the choices you make everyday.

What needs to change is the idea that you need the latest and greatest gadget to be healthier and happier. What needs to change is the “on-off, good-bad, all-or-nothing” mentality that so many of us fall victim too. What needs to change are the clever headlines that drive revenue while creating mass confusion and discouraging positive action.

What I want people to realize is that not only are your responsible for your own health, but that you have the power to improve it through smart decisions. There are no quick fixes or magic pills, no short cuts, so secret back ally or passageway. That it does not require deprivation but that it does require making smart choices.

If you’re reading this, than you have already decided or you are seriously considering improving your health by taking responsibility for it and committing to positive change. I hope that you’ll trust me to help you navigate the confusing and conflicting passageways of fitness and nutrition. Let me keep you from turning around and going back home. To help you choose long-term health over short-term happiness.

I won’t beg or boss you into work outing out nor will I trick you into eating “healthy” food. But I will support you in your decision to be responsible for your health and your commitment to improving it. That is what I’m responsible for. That is what I commit my days to. And to be honest, there is nothing else I’d rather be doing.

I’ll invite you to start this journey by downloading my free 10-point guide to better health and more happiness and then taking the 7-Day Reset Challenge to see just how easy these smart choices are to make on a daily basis when you make them a priority.

Now, you  just read a lot about me, and I’m dying to know more about you. Please leave a comment or shoot me a personal note and let me know who you are, where you struggle and how I can leverage my business to help! It would mean the world to me.

In health and happiness,

Teresa Marie

Teresa Marie

Really? Really? Those are my thumbnail options? You’ve gotta be kidding me…

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  • Steve Howes

    You spoke SO clearly. And you look great. I am so proud.

  • Garth Delikan

    I don’t think your message is confusing in the least and it’s very apparent that you care about peoples lifestyles and wellbeing!
    I also get sick of hearing the rubbish the media is constantly putting out there and ordinary people are being mislead with, it’s no wonder there’s so much confusion out there.

  • dawnsnewdayblog

    Teresa, I think you did a wonderful job! I agree with your values and your philosophies on health and wellness. I also get frustrated with people who promote quick fixes for $….like my last personal trainer who sells supplements and like shrink wrap for the body! ? You are very authentic, knowledgeable, and motivating. I think the thing I would want from you the most is maybe not even possible. I may need a good therapist? Haha…I tend to do emotional eating…like bingeing but not in a bulimic way…I am very strict for days, weeks, or months even and then bam I am off the chain because of some adversity in my life. Also, I’m a closet eater so at night when everyone is in bed and I am watching TV I tend to want to snack- not hungry-just wanna snack! Ugh!! If you could fix that about me-things would be primo!! I love to workout and most of the time eat super clean and healthy. I enjoy your challenges, recipes, and blog so much. You’ve helped me so much!!! Thanks Teresa!! I can see why your Dad is so proud of you!! By the way, as you can see I’m starting a blog…it’s going to be a compilation of my interests (just a little free word press one) with photography, motivational quotes, art, and animals etc. I haven’t done my first post yet or anything-it is a bit scary!! ?

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