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Video Post: The #1 Thing You Can Do to Feel Better Right Now!

No matter where you are in the world, you are bound to face emotions in one way or another. We’ve had a bizarre week here in the United States in light of our recent election and there’s been a lot of stress, frustration, anger and fear running high; much higher than I’m personally used to.

There are things we can do when emotions run high:

  1. Take pills like antidepressants and anti-anxiety to manage our hormones that are increased when emotions run high.
  2. Withdraw from life – just shut down, check out, and sleep, limiting your levels of joy in life.
  3. Keep fighting – keep going and keep digging into the anger, frustration, fear and perpetuating the state of physical stress.
  4. Turn to unhealthy things like drugs and alcohol, which come with side effects that can be detrimental to longterm health.


But the #1 thing you can do to feel better right now is a little exercise. I’m going to talk about exercise beyond weight loss, beyond something you have to do because your doctor told you to, and really why exercise right now is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.

The Clean & Colorful Solution

You know my goal in life is to help you live a Clean & Colorful Lifestyle to help you feel better, look better, naturally have more energy, reduce disease and probably lose some weight, right? And to make that a reality, I’m coming at you every Monday from my Clean & Colorful kitchen (well, most of the time from the kitchen — lol) with some real life tips, tricks, and strategies to help you master the 4 Universal Diet Truths:

  1. Eat more whole food.
  2. Eat all 5 colors.
  3. Drink a juice/smoothie.
  4. Exercise at least 21+.

Last week we talked about the third universal diet truth, which is having a juice or smoothie everyday in lieu of a traditionally processed meal or snack and I shared with you two of my best time saving smoothie tips ever! This week we are talking about the fourthuniversal diet truth which is exercising for at least 21 minutes everyday.

Every Monday I’ll touch on one of those topics that will help you feel better and look better. You can register at cleanandcolorful.com and I’ll send you a free jumpstart guide that teaches you how to get started today!

Watch this video to get the highlights of how exercise is the best thing you can do to manage strong emotions:

The Chemical Benefits of Exercise

The #1 thing you can do to manage emotions holistically is just to get out there, exercise and sweat. There are so many reasons for this and let’s start with the physiological benefits.

We tend to turn to things like drugs, alcohol, antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills because they chemically make us feel different. But exercise will do that too! It will burn off the stress hormones that build up in your belly when you read those crazy Facebook rants that drive you insane! And also the byproduct of exercise is an increase in endorphins, which will physically make you happier. In short: bad neurotransmitters are burned (stress hormones) and good ones are generate (endorphins).

The Emotional Benefits of Exercise

The other thing beyond the chemical benefits is the emotional part of fitness. Setting a fitness goal and even just going out and achieving a random, hard workout can give you a sense of accomplishment. Which, gives you a way to regain a sense of control over your life again.

Additional Health Benefits of Exercise

Of course we also know that exercise helps us lose and/or maintain a healthy weigh and fight against heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, stroke and a myriad of lifestyle degenerative diseases.  Today, I really just wanted to remind you that no matter what you have going on in your life right now, a little bit of exercise can help you feel a lot better.

What Exercises Can You Do?

So what does that look like? What can you do? Well, you can do anything! You just have to get up and get moving. And the goal is to sweat! It’s good to get out and walk, move your legs and get fresh air but if we really want to get the chemical benefits of exercise, you want to get out there and sweat. So you can do:

  1. Walk/jogs
  2. Sprint workouts
  3. HIIT workouts
  4. Squats/Push-ups
  5. Gardening/Snow shovel/Rake leaves
  6. Power house clean

Get an exercise buddy to get some emotional support and just do something that feels really hard for 21 minutes. Heck, 7-minutes will do!  And I promise you that you’ll feel better once you’re done.

If you want more tips like this…

Then keep an eye on my Teresa Marie Wellness Facebook page because I’ll be coming at you every Monday! I’ll be back next Monday talking about the first universal diet truth on eating more whole food. And don’t forget to signup for my free Clean & Colorful Jumpstart guide and get all the basic info you need to get started living this Clean & Colorful life today.

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What is your favorite exercise to burn off stress? 

Teresa Marie Howes, BS, CPT, HHP
Teresa Marie is a nutrition expert, fitness enthusiast and health coach. She is backed with a BS in Nutrition, an MBA, a CPT from ACE and 16+ years of experience in the weight loss and wellness space. She is the founder and lead contributor of this site and coaches clients across the globe on how to achieve better health and more happiness by implementing the 4 Universal Diet Truths of her Clean & Colorful Concept.

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