unprocess your coffee creamer
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Video Post: How To Unprocess Your Flavored Coffee Creamer

If you love your coffee sweetened up, but not all the toxic gunk that comes in most store bought coffee creamers, you’re going to love today’s Clean & Colorful conversation! I’m going to show you how to unprocess your flavored coffee creamer!

unprocess your coffee creamer

My goal is to teach 1 million people how to live a Clean & Colorful lifestyle. It is the one program that I feel anybody can do and everybody who does will in fact look better, feel better, naturally have more energy, reduce disease and probably even lose some weight. And it’s just 4 simple things to do every day. I call these the 4 Universal Diet Truths…

The Clean & Colorful Solution:

  1. Eat more whole food and less processed food.
  2. Eat all 5 colors every day.
  3. Have a juice/smoothie every day.
  4. Exercise 21+ minutes every day.

Last week we talked about overcoming the #1 barrier to exercise and this week we are back at the first universal diet truth which requires to eat clean food and less complicated stuff so that your body knows how to use it.

I’ll confess that for years I’ve used flavored coffee creamers available in the market both before and even after knowing that they were not good for me! But then I learned how to make my own and it can last up to 4 days.

It’s actually so simple to make your own delicious coffee creamer and you can still enjoy your coffee without worrying about poisoning yourself. Watch this video and find out more about the above ingredients and the simple equipment you’ll need to make your own super delicious coffee creamer.

Why I Love My Flavored Coffee Creamer

  1. It is very easy to make.
  2. It is not expensive.
  3. It doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare.
  4. You save your body from the effects of eating complicated foods.

Equipment You’ll Need to Unprocess Your Flavored Coffee Creamer

This is the best part..it’s so super simple! All you’re going to need is a mason jar with a lid and a metal mixer ball. Unless you’re making your own nut milk, then you’d want a high powered blender and a nut milk bag.

Ingredients You’ll Need to Unprocess Your Flavored Coffee Creamer

Here’s where you get to personalize and customize your unprocessed flavored coffee creamer. But you’re going to want these basics:

  • Some kind of milk: Whole, lowfat, non-fat, lactose free, soy, coconut, almond, cashew, rice, or flax milk are all good options depending on your preference.
  • Some kind of sweetener: we’re looking for an unprocessed coffee creamer, so you’re not going to want to add any complicated, overly processed sweeteners here. So raw sugar, honey and agave are best.
  • Some kind of flavor: I love the NOW brand flavored stevia’s, they come in a dozen flavors and are a treat way to add flavor without a ton of processed ingredients. You can also use cinnamon, nutmeg or any kind of flavored extract.

Storing your Unprocessed Coffee Creamer

I usually make enough for about 3-4 days (depending on how much coffee I need – ha ha), although I’m sure it would last much longer. Just seal the jar and keep it in the fridge. Shake it up before each use.

If you want more tips like this…

Then keep an eye on my Teresa Marie Wellness Facebook page because I’ll be coming at you every Monday! Make sure you signup for my free Clean & Colorful Jumpstart guide and get all the basic info you need to get started living this Clean & Colorful life today. I’ll also be hosing my first ever free LIVE training workshop on October 4th to teach you how Clean & Colorful Snacking can help you fight cravings, boost energy and probably even lose some weight! Register here!

Teresa Marie Howes, BS, CPT, HHP
Teresa Marie is a nutrition expert, fitness enthusiast and health coach. She is backed with a BS in Nutrition, an MBA, a CPT from ACE and 16+ years of experience in the weight loss and wellness space. She is the founder and lead contributor of this site and coaches clients across the globe on how to achieve better health and more happiness by implementing the 4 Universal Diet Truths of her Clean & Colorful Concept.

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