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Video Post: Top Tips to Manage Holiday Spirits (aka Booze)

We are just about three weeks into this holiday season and we still have about two weeks to go. Depending on your lifestyle, you might be filled to the brim by now with your fair share of alcohol and with the big three (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years’ Eve) right around the corner, you might be wondering how much more your liver can handle. Or maybe it’s just me? Either way, today’s Clean & Colorful conversation is a little refresher course on the top five things you can do to help manage booze “responsibly” and even evade the morning hangover.

The Clean & Colorful Solution

My goal in life is to help you live a Clean & Colorful Lifestyle to help you feel better, look better, naturally have more energy, reduce disease and probably even lose some weight. And to make that a reality, I’m coming at you every Monday from my Clean & Colorful kitchen (well, most of the time from the kitchen) with some real life tips, tricks, and strategies to help you master the 4 Universal Diet Truths:

  1. Eat more whole food.
  2. Eat all 5 colors.
  3. Drink a juice/smoothie.
  4. Exercise at least 21+ minutes per day.

Every Monday I’ll touch on one of those topics that will help you feel better and look better. Last week I gave you my top three tips to stay fit and sane this holiday season. Today, we’re back at the first Universal Diet Truth and I’m talking about how to unprocess your booze so you can still have fun, but also feel better in the morning.

Tip #1: Use “Clean” Booze

For whatever reason, the folks who make booze don’t have to sell it with nutrition labels or even ingredients lists. This can make it pretty tricky to know what’s really going on in there in terms of sugar, calories or other potentially weird ingredients. So stick with regular, 40%/80 Proof Spirits (vodka, tequila, gin). Lighter colored booze will have the same amount of calories as dark, however they are easier for your body to process and can leave less of a hangover.

Tip #2: Use Smart Mixers

Use naturally sweetened and flavored mixers and avoid anything with tons of added sugar. Luckily, those who create beverages without alcohol, do in fact have to report sugar and ingredients, so it’s much easier to know what’s going on here. I love flavored soda waters and naturally sweetened stevia flavors. If you use a juice, make it yourself.

Tip #3: If You Can’t See Through It…

Don’t drink it! It’s full of cream and/or sugar and is a very bad idea for your waistline and/or morning headache. The only time this might be ok is if:

  1. You make it at home and you know the ingredients are clean and you like them.
  2. You found the recipe on my blog (ha ha)
  3. You know you’re enjoying it in lieu of dessert and are prepared for the cream and sugar rush.

Tip #4: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

While cocktails are in fact liquid, alcohol is actually dehydrating. So the more you drink, the more you want to drink. So if you can drink a cocktail and alternate with water, it will keep you hydrated and help stave off the biological urge to drink more.

Tip #5: Never Skip Food to Save Calories

Skipping meals to “save room” or calories for booze is a very bad idea. Alcohol is actually absorbed through the stomach lining, so an empty stomach let’s the booze get into your system much quicker. Getting “drunk fast” is also never a good idea as you’ll likely end up parked at the snack table or at the burrito stand at 2am anyway. Eating a healthy meal before any party can be a great way to have a much better time that night, and the next morning. Trust me, I speak from experience here 😉

If you want more tips like this…

Then keep an eye on my Teresa Marie Wellness Facebook page because I’ll be coming at you every Monday! I’ll be back next Monday talking about how to manage booze this holiday season. And don’t forget to signup for my free Clean & Colorful Jumpstart guide and get all the basic info you need to get started living this Clean & Colorful life today and the next community challenge will tart January 23rd ann will be better than ever! Join the waitlist today!

Teresa Marie Howes, BS, CPT, HHP
Teresa Marie is a nutrition expert, fitness enthusiast and health coach. She is backed with a BS in Nutrition, an MBA, a CPT from ACE and 16+ years of experience in the weight loss and wellness space. She is the founder and lead contributor of this site and coaches clients across the globe on how to achieve better health and more happiness by implementing the 4 Universal Diet Truths of her Clean & Colorful Concept.

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