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How To Video: Skinny Pink Martini

It’s that time of year again — time to celebrate all the lovely ladies we know who are mommies! And what’s better than a Skinny Pink Martini recipes and a good toast? I posted this little speech, poem, salute (whatever you want to call it) in last year’s Mother’s Day Cocktail post and feel I may just share it every year from here on out…

To all the unselfish moms out there who traded

eyeliner for dark circles,

salon haircuts for ponytails,

long baths for quick showers,

late nights for early mornings,

designer bags for diaper bags,

and wouldn’t change a thing.

Happy Mothers’ Day!


I’m but a mere cat mom, but I have so many fantastic friends who have grown into the most amazing mothers. They manage their careers, their husbands, their kidlings, their fitness and their friendships. I remain in constant awe and appreciation of all the strong women who have influenced me in my life and continue to inspire me each and every day.In honor of them, we deliver this Skinny Pink Martini!

So let’s raise a glass and Cheers with this Skinny Pink Martini!

This is me and one of my best gal-pals, Natalie messing round in my Skinny Kitchen with Bare Mixers, fat cats and skinny cocktails. We plan to get a bit more sophisticated in time, but we really would like to bring you a series of these Bare Facts from the Skinny Kitchen videos. And we are 100% open to your ideas — please share. What problems can this Skinny Kitchen solve?

Meet My Cat Babies, Sam & Sophie

If you follow me on Instagram, you know these fat, furry faces already. They are already nine years old. A little cat age calculator tells me that this means my babies are just over 50 in human years and next summer they will be 60!  Where does the time go? They just grow up so fast…lol. But really, they are getting pretty close to retirement. Lucky for them, their entire life has been retirement so I imagine not much will change in their day to day routine. Ha!

Sam and Sophie

How will you be celebrating Mother’s day this weekend? What’s your favorite tradition? 

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