San Diego Running
Are you kidding me? This is where I live. This is where I get to run. It would be a shame to long love every minute of it!

2014 Boston Marathon Training – Week 6 Recap

This training sh@*it is really working!

I don’t know why I’m so surprised. I’ve done this before. But I still find it so fascinating when it starts to come together.

Boston Marathon Training Summary

Check week 6 off as another killer, butt kicking, leg shredding and strength gaining week. I did scale back my mileage a bit, just because I hadn’t since I started back in January and with the 30K next weekend, it seemed like a good time. I did all the normal mid week training and only ran 2 hours on Friday instead of 3. We had a fun little weekend get away to Long Beach for Valentine’s day and because Jimmy was competing in a regional tennis tournament. We stayed on the Queen Mary Friday night and over-indulged in steak, lobster and chocolate cake — just like we all should when we celebrate love with our honey bunny’s.

We survived the night on the haunted boat. And no -- I didn't gain 40lbs nor am I hiding a pregnancy here. This is just a puffy dress and a bad angle ;) he he

We survived the night on the haunted boat. And no — I didn’t gain 40lbs nor am I hiding a pregnancy here. This is just a puffy dress and a bad angle 😉 he he

Training Summary Stats:

  • Total Running: 37 miles
  • Total Yoga: 1 hour
  • Total Weights: 2 hour
  • Total Cross Train: 1 Spin Class

I had GREAT runs! I had a mid-week slip up (maybe too much wine and not enough dinner celebrating a bff friend’s birthday on Wednesday night) so I did a little shuffling of the workouts. My speed workout Tuesday was my fastest yet. Wednesday 6a was social hour with two great ladies. My 2 hour easy run included 2 of the best hills in all of San Diego to run (La Jolla Shores and Torrey Pines) as an out and back and I’m not kidding when I say it felt “way too easy.” I do think I could have turned around and done it again if there had been any reason to. I ran an easy 10K on the treadmill on the boat in 53 minutes. That mid 8 pace seemed like a good sign. Jimmy ended up winning his match on Saturday so we stayed Saturday night in Long Beach and came home later in the day Sunday. I did my tempo run around 5pm (not my time) on the very crowed seaport village route and still eked out my second fastest tempo run. I think that was the most shocking part of the week!

San Diego Running

Are you kidding me? This is where I live. This is where I get to run. It would be a shame to not love every minute of it!

How I’m Feeling

Kind of weird, but really happy that it does seem to be coming together and training is going well. When I say weird I mean my appetite was out of control this week and a I think I slept way more than my fair share. I’m taking that as a normal sign for a “back down” week and doing my best to listen to my body. Food is fuel so hopefully I’m fueling a stronger body. Growth happens when you sleep — so let’s assume I did a lot of growing this week.

Boston Bound Babe

My friend Sheri (and fellow Boston Training Buddy!) made this for me. To die for, I almost cried. We had coffee after my 2 hour run on Valentine’s day 🙂 So excited to make the voyage out there with her this year!

Lessons Learned

I have a mean appetite! This isn’t really news to me, I’ve known this forever, which is why I took up this running sport to begin with 14 years ago — lol. But I do think folks would be shocked and amazed by the sheer volume of food I knock back on a weekly basis. When we’re at home, the food is really what I consider to be power food. I whipped up this killer butternut squash lasagna that is worthy of it’s own blog post. But when we’re out — man. Jimmy and I killed it at two fantastic breakfast diners with egg and veggie scrambles, toast and fresh fruit. Dinners were elaborate — the over indulgent Valentine’s extravaganza Friday and our Mexican fiesta Saturday was record breaking in my opinion. Some weeks you just have to go for it — and that’s exactly what I did. 
Butternut squash lasagna

This was a pasta free – vegetable wonderland. Too sweet and rich for Jimmy, but I loved every bit of it!

Moving Forward

Week 7 is going to be my last pokey week. And by that I mean my last week of really focusing on spending time on my feet to build basic endurance. After this trail run 30K, I should have the endurance to finish the marathon. Then I should have 8 weeks to bust out some serious performance building work. I still don’t know my long and easy run pace.  I do know that when I started it was something so slow and frustrating, I couldn’t bare to know it. With nearly two months of solid training, I think it will be time to make my Garmin a more regular part of my running routine.

So far so good here and all is well in Teresa’s land of Boston Marathon Training. And like always, I am grateful for this opportunity.

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