21-Day Fitness Challenge

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If lean legs, toned arms and a tighter tummy are on your “to do” list, then you will appreciate this 21-Day Workout System! Treat it as a challenge and reap the rewards of success and completion in just 3 weeks!

The Color Yourself Skinny 21-Day Fitness Challenge Has It All!

  • This system condenses high impact moves to strengthen muscles, blast fat and boost your heart rate in just 21-minutes a day.
  • There are 6 different workouts that focus on all major muscle groups, shaping your entire body and burning fat at the same time.
  • Includes a detailed tracking sheet so you have a clear visual of just how much strength you’re gaining each week.
  • Includes video demonstrations with beginner, intermediate and advanced options for athletes of all levels.

21 Day Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to jump start your activity, or give your current routine a boost? This 21-Day Workout System will elevate your fitness no matter where you are today!

As an avid marathon runner, I know the challenges of making time for exercise. The hardest part is getting one foot out the door to hit the gym or the streets and face an hour plus workout. Depending on the day, mood or season, that is a huge barrier!

As an agent of change and a passionate fitness enthusiast, I’m on a mission to remove barriers for as many people as possible. That is what lead me to develop this 21-Day Workout System as a part of the Color Yourself Skinny 21-Day Diet Detox. But if you’ve got your diet under control and are just looking to shape your curves and blast some fat — this system is all you need!

From all my 15 years of experience in the wellness and weight loss industry, I’ve heard a lot of excuses to not exercise. But sometimes these “excuses” are pretty legit. If that’s the case, we’ll just call them “barriers” and let me show you how this system removes them all…

Barrier #1: “I don’t have time to workout.”

Ok, but do you have 21 minutes? Your return in increased energy will more than make up for setting the alarm clock 21 minutes earlier. And guess what Richard Branson’s #1 Secret is to Productivity is? You got it — exercise! “Exercise increases energy levels, helps you to sleep better and improves your focus and concentration.

Barrier #2: I don’t have the money for a fancy gym, equipment or a personal trainer.

Me neither. That’s why I love excuse free exercise and priced this program at $14.99! All the moves in this 21-Day System use your own body weight as resistance. The only tools you’ll need are some resistance bands, a bench or chair and maybe a mat depending on your flooring. With these limited resources, you can work every major muscle in your body, burn fat and reap the rewards of a good sweat!

Barrier #3: I don’t know where to start or what to do.

Getting started on this 21-Day System will nip that in the bud! Just watch the quick video tutorials for variations of moves for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Not only will this system work for you no matter what your fitness level is today, it will challenge you far beyond the 21 days making it a great investment in your health. You can repeat the challenge as many times as you’d like, always measuring the strength you gain.

Barrier #4: I hate the gym, I’m just not comfortable there.

You’re not alone here, tons of people feel intimidated by the gym. One bad experience can stick with you for life, but don’t let that stop you from being fit! It’s a major misconception that you need to go to a gym to get in a good workout. This 21-Day System will challenge you everyday of the week, in the comfort of your own home!

Barrier #5: I just don’t like to exercise.

Really? Let’s think about that. That is a broad statement and with all the physical and emotional benefits to exercise, there has got to be a way around this for everybody. Each person will have a different reason or experience that caused them to feel this way. I know this from experience, and this is what prompted me to research and write the section “How to Fall in Love with Exercise.” There are 3 simple steps to work thought to gain a stronger grasp on how you feel about activity and some simple actions you can take to give it a fair shot so that your body and lifestyle can benefit from all of exercise’s wonderful attributes.

Barrier #6: I’ve worked out before, and not seen results. What’s the point?

After sweating it out and giving it your all, you inherently seek recognition and reward, and rightfully so! However, it can takes weeks for physical results to show. And that can be discouraging for a lot of people and frustrating enough to cause them to stop before the fruits of their labors can be visualized and enjoyed. This is why I’ve included the 21-Day Tracking Guide. This tool allows you to easily track exactly how much work you are able to do each week. When you repeat the routine the following week, you will be stronger. You may not see it yet, but your body feels it. So while you’re guns may not be popping just yet, you’ll be motivated by knowing that you were able to get in 10 more push-ups, squats or crunches! And while the moves are simple, do not mistake that for easy. These workouts are challenging for athletes of all levels. Do the work, measure your progress and trust the lean legs, toned arms and a tighter tummy are on their way!

How Does This 21-Day Fitness Challenge Get Such Good Results?

  • Each workout targets a different muscle group. You’ll have ones targeted to your upper body, “Tank Top Trim” and “Get Rid of the Jig.” As well as your lower body in a 2 part series called “Lean Legs.” You’ll blast your core and gain some speed on other days.
  • In just 21 minutes, each workout is complete with warm up, cardio bursts, challenging work for major muscle groups, core work and cool down.
  • If you’re looking for a more challenging routine, you can double up workouts to easily increase time and challenge your body even more.

Is This 21-Day Fitness Challenge Right For You?

  • Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level, regardless of what that looks like today?
  • Are you happy to workout in the comfort of your own home with the direction and instruction from the guide and quick video tutorials?
  • Are you ready to measure your increase in performance daily and track your progress and success week over week?
  • Are you ready to devote 21 minutes a day to lean up your legs, toned up arms and a tighter your tummy?

A “yes” to any or all of the above questions means this 21-Day Fitness Challenge is exactly what you need.

With all that said, what are you waiting for?

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Still doubtful? Please ask me any additional questions you have so I can be sure you feel really good about getting started on the Color Yourself Skinny 21-Day Diet Detox.