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Color Yourself Skinny Nutrition Guide

20 Page Magazine Style Resource!

Test Your Nutrition Knowhow – True or False

  1. Calories, fat and carbs are bad for you.
  2. B vitamins give you energy.
  3. Oranges have more vitamin C than vegetables.
  4. Eating a lot of food will make you fat.
  5. People can eat “whatever they want” and not gain weight.

Those are just a few hot topics we’ll cover in the 411 Nutrition Guide, and to give you the cheat sheet answers, they are all false. With the exception of #5, which is very subjective, read on…

Why Most “Diets” Don’t Work

Often the missing part in “dieting” is really understanding what is going on in your body. We can all follow instructions for a certain amount of time. And since weight loss really is a simply mathematical equation, all of them work one way or another if you eat less calories than you burn. But the real trickery comes in when the diet is over, or you’re so frustrated and unsatisfied from the restrictions that you quit.

You might have one “skinny” friend who brags about how she can “eat whatever she wants.” If you do, I challenge you to study what she really eats. Chances are, she wants to eat food that is good for her. Food that makes her stronger, smarter and happier. Food that gives her natural energy, prepares her for exercise which then helps her sleep better. All of these are components of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Of course you may see her eat a hamburger once in a while, have an ice-cream, popcorn at the movies and even dip her fries in ranch, but that’s because it’s ok! You just don’t want to dip everything in ranch, every day. It’s all about finding the proper portions and balance. You’re probably thinking:

Ok, great. But how do I train my body to crave what’s good for it?

The answer is not one word, but is threaded throughout the entire Color Yourself Skinny 21-Day Diet Detox System. It’s the foundation of the program. As you detox from dieting and fuel yourself with high quality nutrition, you’ll be mesmerized by how incredible you feel. You will wonder why it took you so long to learn this. The key concept is that the food you eat really is fuel. It shapes not just your body, but strengthens your cells, can add years to your life, fights disease, inflammation and keep you humming to a happy beat all day long.

How this Nutrition Guide Helps Train You

Because it’s the cliff notes of what it takes to fuel a happy healthy body and life. You’ve heard all the words before, now it’s time to connect the dots. This is Nutrition 101, but you can read it in the comfort of your own home at our own pace. And while all the content is accurate and “scientific” I did my best to make it fun and entertaining. Interesting analogies (antioxidants are just shoe fairies?) and blunt language (yes, xyz will make you fat) make these traditional concepts and rules relatable. That makes it meaningful, and if you find the meaning in quality nutrition information, you’ll be way ahead of the rest of the gang when it comes to life long weight management and wellness.

The Nutrition Guide is broken into 3 different parts:

  • Part I: Behind the Scenes: this is the stuff you can’t see. These are the particles that make the machine of your body work. From the macronutrietns (protein, carbohydrates, fats, and alcohol) that make up your tissues to the the micornutrients (vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals) that are the nuts and bolts of your body’s operation. Powerful phytochemicals are what inspired Color Yourself Skinny. Weight loss is just a byproduct. Eating for health and longevity by using your kitchen in lieu of health care has never made so much sense.
  • Part II: The Stuff You Can See: Here is a robust resource that includes the 80+ fruits and vegetables that are featured in the full 21-Day Diet Detox Recipe Guide. They are divided into their corresponding color group: red rebels, orange overachievers, yellow young guns, green giants, indigo inspirations and a bonus section of other power foods. Learn about potent sources of essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, where they fit on the glycemic index and their alkalizing effects on your body. Now you’ll have a whole lot more ammo than “because I said so” when you’re convincing your kiddo to finish their veggies.
  • Part III: The Absence of White: We could have named this entire system that, but it’s just not as catchy as Color Yourself Skinny ūüėČ But it’s true, cutting white out of your diet leaves you with only the opting to boost your nutrition. Here you’ll get a feel for great replacements for today’s favorite white foods. You don’t need to cut them out forever. But I have a feeling once you do, you won’t miss them much.

Are you ready to be the smarty pants of the kitchen?

This Nutrition Guide is an eBook which means you’ll have it within minutes after purchasing it and can be cooking smarter starting tomorrow if you purchase your copy today! What are you waiting for?

Color Yourself Skinny Nutrition 411 Guide

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