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What’s in My Gym Bag? #giveaway

Oh this was fun. It was like a little pop-quiz random audit. Here’s the deal, I’m a legit urban hippy. And I’m a fitness enthusiast. I have two main bags in my life. My work bag (meaning my entire business can be run in its entirety with its contents and a wi-fi connection) and my gym bag (meaning I can live for several days remotely on its contents). The gym bag often serves as the office bag if I tuck the computer and calendar in it and I’m set for hours if not days. It’s pretty incredible. So needless to say, there are a few staple items that live in them.

gym bag

When the folks over at Egoiste’s instant coffee asked what I carried in my bag it got me thinking. And then I thought, we’ll wouldn’t this be a fun post to write. And I do carry around instant coffee in my bag, I really do. And they are providing a cool giveaway if you get to the bottom of this post! Thanks Egoiste for the fun post idea and giveaway! 

First: What Gym Bag Do I use?

This was one of the very first fitness blogger perks I ever received. It’s a FitMark bag and they sent it to me for review over 2 years ago. With as much as I tote this bad boy around, it’s a pretty amazing testimonial for the product. Here’s the original review post I put up when it was brand-spanking-new and shiny clean. We’ve been through a lot together since and it is holding up like a true champ! Thank you FitMark!

The Front Pocket of the Gym Bag

gym back front pocket

Ok, you have to remember that this doubles as an office bag pretty regularly, so there are definitely some not so normal things in here. But some of these are MUST haves for all.

  • Bandaids (I should add these to the 1st aid kit, see below)
  • Pencil, pen, highlighter (I write in all pencil, always)
  • Thumb drive (oddly enough, this has come in very handy!)
  • Business cards (are you surprised to know I network at the gym, a lot?)
  • Gum (I tossed the old gross stuff, but the birthday cake gum is new and yummy!)
  • Hair ties (I found like 5 of my lost favorites in here – yay!)
  • A locker lock (hardly ever need, but handy if I pop into a rando gym)
  • Chapstick and lip gloss (yes, I have an obsession)
  • A little packet that holds sugar and cinnamon for coffee (I’m not kidding)
  • A few bucks and pennies (I have no doubt those 3 pennies were heads-up and picked up on my walks to and from the gym – it’s not change)

The Inside of the Gym Bag

Main Pocket

Now I’m not actually homeless, I promise. But after looking at how well stocked this is, one might think that I am. But in addition to being the gym bag and the occasional work bag, it’s also my overnight bag. And it has 4 main areas on the inside and here’s what I stuff in there:

Main Area:

  • Whatever I need for the gym that time (pack on demand)
  • My spin shoes
  • Shower essentials (body wash, shampoo, lotion, you get it?)
  • Yoga mat spray (one of my favorite instructors makes this and I love it!)

Side Pocket #1: Nutrition

  • Pre/Post Sports drink powder
  • Random bars, usually a protein bar or two
  • Electrolyte powder
  • Instant Coffee

Side Pocket #2: Utility

  • My running belt and head phones (tuck in the phone and go!)
  • A pocket mirror and collapsable brush
  • Simple stopwatch and usually my Garmin GPS
  • Sunscreen
  • Body wipes

Back Zipper:

  • First aid kit with pain releiver
  • Other emergency necessary things 😉

The Back Pocket of the Gym Bag

Back Pocket

This is where I start to look like a homeless person, but there really is a reason for all of this…

  • Green resistance band (this is to build my glutes back up. I use it at least 3x a week)
  • Gloves (walking to gym in the chilly morning and running)
  • Spare sock and underwear (I don’t know why when I pack what I need these two area often overlooked and this has saved me many times)
  • Eye mask? (This I’m not entirely sure why. I think it’s left over from last week’s camping trip. But seems like a good enough place for it to live)
  • Bathing suite (my gym has an amazing pool and hot tub so often after a workout I’ll decide to stay and chill. This is very handy)
  • Water bottle hand holder (for running)

A little bit more about the Egoiste’s instant coffee and #giveaway

Not only do I have the little samples in the nutrition side pocket for emergencies, I have the whole jar in my kitchen. When I’m running late, I’ll totally stuff a to-go cup of water in the microwave and heat it up. And to save even more time, I added cinnamon and honey crystals to the instant coffee jar…all at once. So I literally just scoop it in and my perfectly flavored coffee is ready to take off with me!

Want to try the Egoiste’s instant coffee?

  1. Then just comment in this blog post with what your #1 gym bag essential.
  2. For a bonus entry, share the oddest, or funniest thing that lives in your bag.
  3. For bonus, bonus points, share an image on Instagram and use hashtags #whatsinmygymbag and #eatdrinkandbeskinny.

I’d LOVE to see if anybody else’s gym bag is as well stocked as mine! Honestly I’m surprised there wasn’t a wine opener in mine. Ha ha  I’ll pick a winner at random next Monday the 15th!

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